Headcrumbs Mod 1.7.10

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Headcrumbs Mod

This mod used to be a simple feature from Gany’s End but by popular demand I decided to release it as a separate mod.

What the mod adds:

  • All vanilla mobs/animals heads (including horses)
  • Blizz heads (mob from Thermal Expansion)
  • Most of Twilight Forrest mobs/animals heads
  • Minecraft celebrities heads as dungeon loot
  • All of the heads added by this mod are wearable!

You can, of course, remove and add names to the celebrities list at any time using the configs!

Heads will drop randomly if you have this mod installed. You can disable this in the configs. You can also disable only the vanilla heads drops and keep the new ones added by this mod.



  • No more entity id conflicts!
  • Added more names
  • Celebrities are now called Humans (Celebrity was a stupid name)
  • Baby humans are now a thing (they are faster than the usual ones and have a 10% chance of spawning. Chance can be changed in the config file)

Download Headcrumbs Mod

For 1.7.10


Old version


Author: ganymedes01

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