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Deal Score+2

Gulliver Mod 1.6.2


This mod is called Gulliver. It’s named for the book Gulliver’s Travels, though much of the inspiration comes from The Borrowers, Alice in Wonderland, and other size-related stories.

New features:

  • New gamerule sizeGriefing!
  • Extra-tiny players can open Doors without breaking them – use something pointy on the top half of the Door!
  • Give less knockback when hitting smaller entities if you hold Shift to crouch!
  • Maybe possibly supports Shaders in the Forged version – try it, shaders fans!

What it does

  • From the outside, it looks just like plain vanilla Minecraft.  There are no new blocks or items, just two Potions.
  • But with Gulliver installed, you now have the ability to change your own size or the sizes of mobs & NPCs!
  • The world works differently when you and mobs change size.  See what happens!

A few starter tips for tiny players:

  • Watch Your Step
  • Shift-Crouch to Jump 1 Block High
  • Some Blocks are Climbable!
  • Carry Paper, a Slime Ball, String and a Lily Pad
  • Carry something pointy (like a Stick or Sword), you may need it to pry open Chests or Doors
  • Try the Fishing Rod
  • Beware of Cats & Spiders!

A few starter tips for huge players:

  • Watch Your Step – Falling Hurts!
  • Shift-Crouch to Jump Half Your Height
  • Try Punching Blocks/Mobs Barehanded
  • Step On Mobs (or else Sneak Over Them)
  • Right-Click Mobs When Barehanded to Pick Them Up




Gliding with Paper!

Rafting with a Lily Pad!

Riding an Iron Golem with String!

How to Change Size

Resizing Potions

Brewing recipe (Gulliver v0.10 for Minecraft 1.4.5 & later):

  • Add Nether Wart to Water Bottle to make Awkward Potion.
  • Add Red Mushroom to make Potion of Embiggening, or else:
  • Add Brown Mushroom to make Potion of Ensmallening.

Add Redstone Dust to extend the effect duration, and/or turn them into Splash Potions with Gunpowder and you can throw them at mobs.

Potion of Embiggening makes you 4 times normal height, Ensmallening makes you 1/4 normal height.  (You can drink Milk or the Potion with the opposite resizing effect to change your size back.)

Resizing Dyes

Having a stack of Cyan Dye in your inventory will make you half your size, and a stack of Magenta Dye will make you twice your size.  You can have multiple stacks of dye to apply the resizing multiple times, so 3 stacks of Cyan Dye will make you 1/8 size, and 3 stacks of Magenta Dye will make you 8 size.  The dyes may also be applied to Sheep, and in Gulliver v0.10, dyeing tame Wolves’ collars will also have the resizing effect.

If you don’t want to allow Dye-based resizing on a server, set the option “enable-dye-resizing” to “false”.
If you don’t want it in singleplayer, use this option in %appdata%\.minecraft\config\mod_Gulliver.cfg:


Resizing Keys

Note: This requires both “Cheat Mode” (or Op permission on a server) and Creative Mode to work.
You can adjust the player’s size by pressing the ‘R’ key to double the current size and the ‘F’ key to halve the current size.  (Size limits are 1/8 for smallest and 8 for largest.)  If the player is holding an ordinary Stick, then the size changes will apply to the mob you are pointing at.  The player or mob will stay that size unless affected by a resizing Potion or Dye.

Configuration Options

If you want to start a new world at a particular size, like for doing a survival challenge, change the g_basePlayerSize option in %appdata%\.minecraft\config\mod_Gulliver.cfg.  To start new worlds at 1/8 scale, use this:




  • Download and install Modloader
  • Download Gulliver Mod
  • Drag and drop files from “Gulliver Mod” into “Minecraft.jar”
  • Delete the META-INF
  • Close “Minecraft.jar” and run minecraft!

Magic Launcher

  • If you don’t want to mess with changing your minecraft.jar, there’s a very nice launcher program for Minecraft called Magic Launcher.  With it, you can setup a configuration to launch Minecraft with Gulliver activated.  You won’t have to touch minecraft.jar or even remove META-INF!
  • It’s a great way to manage other mods too, and it can do some compatibility checking for you.  You can set what mods are being loaded and in what order.  (Gulliver should be the last item in your Mods list, unless told otherwise for a particular mod.)

Or you can install Gulliver Mod with MCPatcher HD or Optifine HD



fixed client-side bounding-boxes of resized arrows and item drops, also item drop rendering

prevent setting invalid basesizes (e.g. Infinity, NaN)

bugfixes for Horse-related crashes, e.g. putting non-living entities on saddled Horses

preventing a player from mounting their current rider

preventing any player with a non-tinier rider on them from mounting a ride

allowing Carrots as pointy items

fix for extra-tiny player movement sometimes grinding to a halt while gliding or rafting

tinier players may climb onto unshorn sheep empty-handed, and hold on (like with String) unless it’s shorn

Horse taming adjustments:

larger “heavier” players may take more attempts to tame a Horse, and vice versa for smaller “lighter” ones (but tinier players still can’t tame Horses by riding them)

tinier players may tame Horses by feeding them (takes a lot of food!)

a tamed Horse’s tinier owner has partial control of the horse’s movements when unsaddled, full control when saddled; other tinier players have partial control of saddled Horses

tame wolves now use similar rider-control code as Horses; may only be controlled by the owner (who has partial control if tinier), doesn’t need to hold an Item, just use movement keys

Bats are now controllable by smaller riders holding String (if tiny) or a Leash (if not tiny)

use “forward” key to soar in the direction you’re looking

use “backward” key to hover up/down at the current X-Z location (in the direction you’re looking)

Bats with custom names will unhang and flit around smaller players holding String/Leash (or paper-gliding) for easier mounting

named Bats are controllable by riders even without String/Leash

players who aren’t tiny or huge may use a Leash to mount huger unleashable living mobs (e.g. Villagers, Bats)

adjusted to have a smaller minimum fall distance for when smaller players/mobs will take damage (around 1.25m for 0.125 size)

players/mobs will have minimum fall damage distance threshold increased when under jumpBoost effect (like at normal size)

unless holding Food, a tinier rider can attack or use items on their mount

cleaned up dismount code:

tinier riding players will dismount onto a solid surface that’s “close enough” to reach (very very close)

otherwise, they will dismount at their current position, e.g. right at the shoulder

they may dismount more carefully/start closer to the ground by holding String (or Leash if not tiny)

removed ModLoader dependency for Gulliver client – deprecated mod_Gulliver class, handling ModLoader-provided features internally

using a customizable config-file similar to Gulliver Forged’s for both (non-Forge) Gulliver and Gulliver Server; Server no longer uses “”

added command /reloadgullivercfg to non-Forge client and server, for reloading any changes to the config file (note: won’t change potion effect ids)

added proper support for *.lang localization of custom messages

added Russian and Ukrainian lang files

better installers!

created a Gulliver Forged installer that can install both client and server (still requires separate Forge 871 installation)

created a non-Forge Gulliver client installer

Gulliver client package includes a basic tweaker for the new launcher

Gulliver Server now an executable jar file – drop into a folder with minecraft_server.1.6.2.jar and run it

code cleanup related to Optifine and other-mod support

removed sizing test code

adding sizemult to each Entity’s displayed values in crash reports

some AI adjustments for opening/breaking Doors

Download Gulliver Mod

For 1.6.2

Client/Singleplayer (Non-Forge)


Forge version (universal):

(Gulliver Forged v0.14.2 requires Minecraft Forge build will not work on different Forge builds. )

For 1.5.2



Forge version (universal):

Download Minecraftforge-universal-1.5.2-

For 1.5.1



For 1.5



For 1.4.7



Credits: UncleMion

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