GTA V – Franklin’s Pad Map for Minecraft

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This is the modern apartment that is given to the character Franklin in Grand Theft Auto V.

The apartment is a perfect re-creation of the version in GTA V as far as blocks go. As well as that, it’s an awesome modern house that you can use for anything else if you can be bothered to get it out of the world file


A comparison GTA screen is on the left

The entrance

A view from the pool

The staircase

The reception and living room

Chillax area and dining room

The kitchen

The bedroom with that random bathtub

The path up to the garage and down to Chop! Theres a kennel and everything…!3VgmDYyJ!efUggTfaDpbSRXqITtORzAG7fRdc3BhWw0SU9TQUfYI

Credits: boveybrawlers

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