God Powers bukkit plugins for minecraft 1.6.4/1.5.2

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God Powers bukkit plugins 1.6.4

Gives god-like abilities to players.

Current commandless features:

  • God tools – Golden tools break respective blocks instantly! I.e. Golden pick breaks stone and ores instantly, but not dirt. (Requires either being an op, or the permissions node)


  • /godmode – Makes you invincible.
  • /godmode [player] – Makes the specified player invincible.
    Temporary fix for conflict with Essentials’ “/godmode” command:

    • /godmodeon or /godmodeon [player] – Turns on godmode if possible.
    • /godmodeoff or /godmodeoff [player] – Turns off godmode if possible.
  • /heal – Heals you.
  • /heal [player] – Heals the specified player.
  • /maim [player] – Beats the specified player within an inch of their life.
  • /slay [player] – Kills the specified player by no special means. They just drop dead.
    • /smite [player] – Works the exact same as /slay, used as a workaround for conflict with worldguard.
      • /slay [player] arrows or /slay [player] a – Kills the specified player by shooting them with flaming arrows!
      • /slay [player] fire or /slay [player] f -Light the player on fire until they die.
      • /slay [player] drop or /slay [player] d -Drop the player from an immense altitude where they will plummet to their death!
      • /slay [player] lightning or /slay [player] l – Strike lighting down on the heads of those mortals!
      • /slay [player] void or /slay [player] v -Drop the player into the void!
      • /slay [player] curse or /slay [player] c – Cast a deadly curse upon the player’s head!
  • /die – Kills you.
  • /jesus – Allows you to walk on water like Jesus. Also allows walking on lava. Not so Jesus-like, but it looks cool.
  • /inferno – Use your godly rage to burn the ground behind you! (!!!Warning, this will place fire ANYWHERE you walk, so be careful of flammable materials!!!)
  • /superjump – If there’s nothing in your way, you will jump to obscene heights!
  • /zeus – With this activated, lightning will strike where you’re looking when you swing your arm!
  • /gaia – Turns dirt to grass beneath your feet and plants tall grass and flowers around you as you walk.
  • /vulcan – Fling fireballs at those pesky mortals!
  • /demigod – Decreases damage taken by a configurable amount. Damage is reduced to 20% by default.
  • /bless – Bless your equipment with the power of the gods!
  • /bless [player] – Bless the specified players equipment with the power of the gods!
  • /FusRoDAH – Enchants knockback lvl 10 onto the held item.
  • /plutus – Enchants fortune level 25 onto tools only.
  • /dupe <amount> – Duplicates the item in your hand.
  • /medusa – When you look at a player it freezes them for a set amount of time.



  • Updated to MC 1.6.4

Download God Powers bukkit plugins

For 1.7.2


For 1.6.4


For 1.5.2



  • FriedTaco 
  • SwiftDev


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