Glimmer in the Mist Map for Minecraft

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Glimmer in the Mist Map


Hell, a dangerous, desolate wasteland, only few men could survive in such a place. Ran by Lucifer this treacherous land is rock bottom for anyone unholy enough to stumble into its grasps. So Satan sat, atop mounds of corpses, a bustling empire at his feet. He sat, watching mortals scream in agony as they were wrenched apart piece by piece. He sat, seemingly happy.

Well thats how it was, with more good in the over world Lucifer found it hard to supply payment to his winged henchmen. They don’t work for free ya know, its a hard job flying around and whipping the enslaved mortal souls. So what is the lord of the underworld suppose to do? Well build condominiums with sinisterly low prices of course! It worked, his idea blossomed into a huge town, then two! Lucifer would sit and watch his greatest creation day in and day out. Every day his citizens would be tortured and burned, at least they had a 3 bedroom, 2 bath condo to have a restful sleep in.

But alas the economy plunged, debts began to pile up for Lucifer. His condominium complex was going under, Lucifer fell from grace. He left his once multimillion dollar empire to the beings of hell, time passed. Mushrooms began to grow and structures became crippled. The towns now sit, abandoned, a once brilliant empire, a glimmer in the ever approaching mists of hell.

Build Information:

Tiny bits of information about the build:

  • The build took around 80+ hours to make… never doing that again.
  • I tried to focus on a cartoony feel.
  • The build is a mixture between Steampunk, Baroque, and some Hell style.
  • Each mushroom is different (the little ones are hand made, the large ones are made with Vs). There are around 100 mushrooms total.
  • Power linesconnecting around the build.
  • Train and train track going around half the build.
  • Multiple housesdispersed within an upper and lower town.
  • Multiple boats.
  • Clouds and sky designs around the build.
  • Huge middle mushroom, building, and pilers.
  • Dragon and bats.
  • A couple easter eggs.

Glimmer in the Mist Map for Minecraft


Below are people who lent a hand in the build:

  • Capncake (Unnatural_Apple)Helped do the repetitive stuff.
  • General John (_GeneralJohn_) Helped with sky art, large buildings, etc. Also made the video.
  • Mason (Lilihierax) Helped do the repetitive stuff, took screen shots and supplied a server to build on.
  • JJ (JJnovak1) Helped with boats.
  • Int0X (Int0xicat3D) Created the dragon
  • Miwo (MiwoJedk) Made bats.
  • Meridian Academy(NB1_assassin) The main render.
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