Gendustry Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

Gendustry Mod


Industrial Apiary – Taking bee keeping to a new level

  • Requires BuildCraft power to run (2 MJ/t without upgrades)
  • Has 4 slots for special upgrades
  • Doesn’t have the 90% production reduction of normal apiaries
  • Doesn’t support frames


  • The gauge on the left is internal power storage
  • Left slots are for a Queen/Princess and Drones
  • Middle 4 slots for upgrades
  • Right 9 slots for products and offspring
  • Mouse over the status icon to see if anything is ok and some general stats (more detailed if the bee is analyzed!)


  • Bees can be inserted from any side
  • Products can be removed from any side
  • With automation upgrade – will automaticaly move offspring back to the bee slots allowing them to breed and spawn a new queen
  • Upgrades can’t be inserted/removed via automation


Upgrade Functions Maximum Installed

* Internal Lighting
* Energy Consumption +5%

* Flowering and Pollination +20%
* Energy Consumption +10%

* Humidity -25%
* Energy Consumption +5%

* Automation
* Energy Consumption +10%

* Hell Environment Simulation
* Energy Consumption +50%

* Humidity +25%
* Energy Consumption +5%

* Temperature -25%
* Energy Consumption +5%

* Rain Protection
* Energy Consumption +5%

* Lifespan -33%
* Energy Consumption +5%

Open Sky
* Open Sky Simulation
* Energy Consumption +5%

* Territory +50%
* Energy Consumption +5%

* Temperature +25%
* Energy Consumption +5%

* Pollen Collection
* Energy Consumption +25%

* Production +20%
* Energy Consumption +20%

Sampler and Imprinter



  • Takes genetic sample from Bees, Trees or Butterflies
  • Requires 20,000 MJ per operation
  • Consumes Labware (top right slot) and Blank Samples (top left)
  • Will randomly select 1 genetic trait from the input
  • The sampled creature will not survive the process
  • All the inputs can be inserted from any side
  • The output sample can be extracted from any side

Samples and Templates

  • Samples can be added to a Template with normal crafting (the recipe is shapeless, any number of samples can be added at once)
  • Every chromosome can only appear once in a template, any additions will overwrite previous samples
  • All samples must belong to the same species
  • Unneeded Samples and Templates can be cleaned from stored genetic material by heating


  • Requires 80,000 MJ per operation
  • Consumes Labware (top right slot)
  • The template will not be consumed (top left slot)
  • Will replace all traits that are present in the template at once
  • Creatures from artificial sources (a.k.a Ignoble Stock) have a chance of not surviving the process
  • Labware, Template and Creatures can be inserted from any side
  • After imprinting the creature can be removed from any side
  • The Template can be removed from any side, but only when no imprinting is ongoing and the input slot is empty

Mutagen and the Mutatron


Mutagen Producer

  • Converts solid items into mutagen
  • The gauge on the left is internal power storage
  • The gauge on the right is internal mutagen tank
  • Requires 100,000 MJ for every item converted
  • Items can be inserted from any side (will only accept valid items)
  • Mutagen will be automatically outputted to any adjanced pipe or tank


Item Mutagen
Redstone Dust 0.1 buckets
Glowstone Dust 0.2 buckets
Glowstone Block 0.8 buckets
Redstone Block 0.9 buckets
Uranium Block (IC2) 4.5 buckets
Small pile of U235 (IC2) 1 bucket
U235 (IC2) 9 buckets
U238 (IC2) 0.5 buckets


  • Consumes Mutagen to force mutations
  • Gauges on the left are internal power and mutagen storage
  • Requires 1 bucket of mutagen and 20,000 MJ per operation
  • Consumes Labware (top slot)
  • Can mutate bees
    • Princess in the top slot
    • Drone in the bottom
    • Produces a queen of the new species that will produce pure bred offspring when she dies
  • Can mutate trees
    • Sapling in the top slot
    • Pollen in the bottom
    • Produces a sapling of the new species
  • Creatures from artificial sources (a.k.a Ignoble Stock) have a chance of not surviving the process
  • Labware and inputs can be inserted from any side
  • Result can be extracted from any side


  • Minecraft 1.6.4
  • Forge (tested with and 964, but any reasonably recent version should work)
  • Buildcraft 4.1+
  • Forestry


Gendustry 1.5.1

  • Fixed an issue in Industrial Apiaries that caused network packet and chunk update spam (leading to FPS drops)



v.1.1 Hotfix 1

  • Fixed queens produced by the replicator not having correct offspring


  • Fixed fluid loss with EnderIO
  • Renamed “Nocturnal” trait to “Ignores Day/Night” to better represent it’s effect
  • Removed Territory from required chromosomes for butterflies
  • Added /givesample command


  • New Machines
    • Extractor – Converts Bees, Sapling, Pollen, Butterflies, etc. into Liquid DNA (compatible with ExtraBees if installed)
    • Liquifier – Converts uncooked meat into Protein liquid
    • Replicator – Uses Liquid DNA and Protein to create a Queen / Sapling / Butterfly from a filled genetic template
    • Transposer – Copies genetic templates and samples
  • New Items
    • Scooporator MX200 Turbo (A.K.A Industrial Scoop)
    • Environmental Processor – Used in new upgrades
  • New Upgrades
    • Desert/Plains/Jungle Emulation Upgrade – Overrides the biome, allows some species to produce their specialty products. Also changes temperature and humidity.
    • Genetic Stabilizer Upgrade – Removes chance of ignoble bees dying
  • Misc Changes
    • Added BC gate triggers
    • New/Improved slot hints in GUIs
    • Sapling drop chance when using a Grafter is now configurable
    • Hell upgrade recipe changed
    • Hell upgrade now affects humidity
    • Genetic Templates now show number of chromosomes (always) and list of missing (with shift)
    • Added command /givetemplate (spawns fully filled genetic templates)
    • Apiaries can now be controlled with redstone signal
    • Added Chinese Traditional localisation (thanks mymagadsl)


  • Fixed crash when Genetic Waste was produced from a failed mutation

Download Gendustry Mod

For 1.7.10

Old version


For 1.7.2


For 1.6.4

Old version

Credits: bdew

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