FUNLAND 3 Map for Minecraft

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About the Map:
Inspired by the theme parks I went to as a kid, welcome to FunLand – an immense park featuring over 100 attractions… 36 roller coasters, 17 water rides, and more than 25 other amusements, plus plenty of restaurants, souvenir stands, and other theme park goodness. There’s plenty to see and do, and even more to discover if you snoop around a bit. The map requires no special mods and should be compatible with earlier versions of Minecraft.

Version 3 of FunLand adds even more to the park. It’s the largest expansion to date! With this expansion, new clues have been included regarding the mysterious origins of FunLand, its mysterious owners, and the dark secrets it contains. If you’ve downloaded and enjoyed any of the older versions of FunLand, you’ll definitely want to download 3.0 and explore the park again!

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  • version 3.1 – HUGE update to the main section, most rides expanded or improved, replaced the elevator with a teleporter, added a few more secret areas, and SPOILER ALERT: finally revealed the terrible secret of funland. Just go ahead and download it already. Posted Image
  • version 3.06 – fixed some broken rides (fudgy’s, arctic wolf, etc.) where carts would get stuck, added a brand new racing game called “Piggu’s Rooftop Racing”, major improvements to the monorail system, lots of enhancements, fireworks, and even a few more secrets to explore.
  • version 3.05 – updated to fix some bugs and add some back story, the beacon at the front gate now helps you orient yourself from anywhere in the park, be sure to swing by the beach at sunset for an awesome fireworks display!
  • version 3.04a – MAJOR update to take advantage of the new sky limit. Many rides have been edited or expanded. Fixed some bugs on some rides that would result in customer deaths (ssh!). And made one of the secret areas even more funky. (Note: this “should” work with Minecraft 1.3.1. I’ll be releasing another minor update soon just to make sure.)
  • version 3.03 – fixed some bugs from the latest minecraft update, expanded the house of horror, fixed an insta-death bug in one of the secret areas, and upgraded the petting zoo! Woohoo!
  • version 3.02 – fixed the nasty biome bug that happened after minecraft 1.1, the park is no longer in a snow biome. yeah! this fix involved exporting the map into an entirely new world save, which means an entirely new Nether *wink* *wink*. It also shaved about 3mb off the file size, yeah!
  • version 3.01 – nerfed some water rides to prevent boat damage, clarified some instructions, fixed the whirling dervish, removed some minor bugs.
  • version 3.0 – months of work has gone into the final MAJOR expansion of the park. enjoy!

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