Fuel-Bomb Plugin 1.7.9

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Fuel-Bomb Plugin 1.7.9

Fuelbomb 2.0

  • Added a third mode.
  • Improve the second mode.


Fuel bomb is just a throwable fuel bomb.
You can craft it, you can throw it.
I think it’s really cool for a PvP server.


So you can crafting it:





How it use?

You need to have the permission “fuelbomb.use”

Craft it, take the Fuelbomb in your Hand hand.

Right-click to throw the Bomb.


  • /fuelbomb – Info command to lookup the version etc..
  • /fuelbomb r;reload – Reload the config file.


  • fuelbomb.use – Ability to throw the Fuelbomb. (default: true)
  • fuelbomb.reload – Ability to reload the config file. (default: op)
  • fuelbomb.update – Ability to receive update notification . (default: op) / You can turn off the update notification in the config.yml.

Config Guide

mode – The mode which do you want to use. You can use 3 modes “1”, “2” or “3”. Mode 1 is recommed.
updatenotification – let activate or disabled the auto update notficater.

This plugin utilizes Hidendra’s plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to mcstats.org:

A unique identifier

The server’s version of Java

Whether the server is in offline or online mode

The plugin’s version

The server’s version

The OS version/name and architecture

The core count for the CPU

The number of players online

The Metrics version

You can disable the stat collection via /plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml if you wish.

Download Fuel-Bomb Plugin 1.7.9

For 1.7.9


Author: Premx

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