Friends Bukkit Plugin 1.7.8

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Friends Bukkit Plugin 1.7.8

Friends is a Bukkit plugin that can be run on most server softwares (1.7+ due to UUID changes) that allows your players to have friends lists. These lists can be used to disable and enable pvp with one another and to view who you like that is online without searching through the ENTIRE tab-list.



/friends OR /friend:
Same thing really, but it does quite a bit. Here’s how you can use it:
/friend <add/remove/check> <name>
Will add (or send a friend request) or remove a friend or check if that person is a friend or not.

/friend pvp <on/off> 

Turn pvp on or off for friends. Both friends must have pvp ON to be able to fight. To avoid abuse of macros simply remove the friend who is abusing them. There’s no reason for there to be a cooldown here.

/friend help <page#>
This is NOT yet done. Once I finish it, I’ll update and let you guys know. Not really THAT important, as there’s always this page.


NONE! Or at least not yet. Upon requests, I will add things, and this may or may not change. 
* Finish help pages
* Implement friends chat system (friends only chat)Alright, so other than those, I really don’t have much of an idea as to what else to add. So yeah, suggest below and we’ll see what I can do!

Virus scan? Sure:

Download Friends Bukkit Plugin 1.7.8

For 1.7.8

Author: Fudool8

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