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Freezecam Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4


Freezecam Mod

This mod will override now 1 functions from minecraft this will maby conflict with another mods (works with optifine) You can place/break blocks and hit mobs and players.

What can it do you ask ?

  • Press “F” to freeze your cam
  • Press “G” to open the gui
  • in the gui you can move the FreezeCam
  • also you can create statues that looks at you
  • you can also move them by clicking there name and then the controls on the screen, add arrows in there body's, sneak, sleep, and more
  • the “Set view” button sets your view temporary to your statue, so you can see what he see
  • When u are in game, u can rightclick the statues to remove them, can be handy.


Installation has been changed, its not more an ZIP file but an JAR file, but it will works the same !

(Pain to update everything, 1 future was need to disabled because of the MC update)

Download Freezecam Mod

For 1.7.10


For 1.7.2


For 1.6.4


Author: DeStilleGast

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