Framez Mod 1.7.10/1.6.4

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Framez Mod 1.7.10

ForgeMultiPart support:

They have full support for Forge MultiPart meaning that you’ll be able to place many mods’ pipes/tubes/conduits inside them.

Microblock support:

You can also place covers/panels on the 6 sides, which act as RedPower’s (a cover would prevent the block attached to it from moving and a panel would give you a solid surface to put things on and still have them move with the structure). If there’s a case where you can’t place a cover because there’s something stopping it from being there (like an Annihilation Plane from AE2), you can right-click the frame with a wrench to block that side or hold Ctrl while you click it to block the opposite side. This will ONLY be available if you cannot place a cover on that side of the frame.

Contents added by the mod:

Framez adds various blocks and items that can be split into 3 categories: motorsframes and miscellaneous.


All motors need a redstone signal to start running, and while that signal is kept on (and provided they have enough power), they’ll keep on moving the blocks they’re attached to, so you don’t need a redstone pulse every time you want them to move.
There’s various types of motors in Framez:

  • DC Motor: The most basic type of motor in the mod. It just needs a redstone signal to run. It can be identified by the Redstone Dust icon on top of it. (Disabled by default)
  • Redstone Flux Motor: This motor needs RF to run and can be identified by the icon on top of it: The same that can be found on Fluxed Electrum blocks from the mod Redstone Arsenal.
  • Electric Motor: This motor needs EU from IC2 to run. It accepts any power tier. The icon on top is a lightning bolt.
  • Blood Motor: As you might have guessed, this motor runs on Life Points from BloodMagic. It can be identified by the Blood Orb icon on top of it.
  • AppliedEnergistics Motor: I don’t think there’s much to explain on this one… It uses the energy in your AppliedEnergistics network to run! It can be identified by the Certus Quartz representation on top of it.
  • Pressure Motors: There are two of these, one runs on PneumaticCraft pressure (represented by a pressure gauge) and the other one, that runs on Hydraulicraft pressure (represented by a bar that also shows the pressure).

Motors that might be added in the future:

  • Essence motor: Runs on Thaumcraft essence.
  • Kinetic Motor: Runs on RotaryCraft watts.


Default wooden frames add 3 blocks (including the frame itself) to the moved-block cap of the structure. You can change this parameter and some others using modifiers. Framez doesn’t add specific types of frames. Instead, it has a modifier API, which allows frames to have multiple modifiers, which give them different properties and allow them to do different things.

There’s various modifiers included in “vanilla” Framez:

  • Iron: The moved-block cap of the structure is increased by 5 blocks (indluding the frame) instead of 3.
  • Glass: Changes the default texture of the cross for some nice glass lines so you can add some aesthetic stuff to your builds. The moved-block cap of the structure is NOT increased by this frame at all.
  • Clear glass: Much like the glass modifier but instead of changing the cross texture for glass it just makes it completely see-through (transparent).
  • Connected: (My personal favourite of all of them) Allows frames to have “Connected Models”, which looks great in conjunction with the Glass modifier.


There are some other items in the mod such as:

  • Wrench: Allows you to rotate motors and block the sides of frames you can’t put a cover on.
  • Motor core: It’s the item used as the core for all motors (and by default is included in all recipes), along with other mod-dependant items.
  • Other crafting items: Wooden Cross, Wooden Frame, Iron Stick, Iron Cross and Iron Frame are all items used to craft the basic normal and iron frames, which can be later on upgraded with other modifiers.

Default block movement:

All blocks (including those with TileEntities and MultiParts) are moveable by default with some exceptions:

  • Blocks that are unbreakable in survival won’t get moved by frames and will stop a structure from moving if it runs into them.
  • Fluid blocks will be deleted from the world if a structure runs into them but will be carried with the structure if they were attached to it at first.

Probably not all mods will like the way I move blocks, so I hope you understand that it is possible that some modded blocks cause your game to crash when moved. If it happens, please report it on the issue tracker linked at the top of the page!

Other nifty features:

  • Vanilla blocks allow for full interaction while moving (turn on and off levers, open GUIs, open and close fence gates…), which I hope to be able to expand so it also works with modded blocks!
  • Hollow covers/panels allow you to access the multiparts inside the frame and even the ones on the other side as long as you have line of sight to whatever you want to interact with through the hole in the cover/panel!

Download Framez Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10

For 1.6.4

Author: amadornes

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