Frame Protector Plugin 1.7.2

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Frame Protector Plugin 1.7.2




/framereload – This command reloads the configuration file. (v0.2)
/frameupdate – This command manually checks for a update and downloads if found. (v0.8)


  • frame.upddate – Allows a player to use the command /frameupdate.
  • frame.rotate – Allows a player to rotate/place items in a itemframe.
  • frame.remove – Allows a player to remove ItemFrames
  • – Allows a player to place ItemFrames
  • frame.item.remove – Allows a player to remove items from an ItemFrame
  • frame.reload – Allows a player to reload the configuration file
  • frame.* – All permissions

Default Config

  • Default Configuration generated with FrameProtector v1.0
  • With autoupdate set to true it will check for update on startup and every 30 minutes.
  • autoupdate: true
  • check_bukkit_compatibility: false


  •   Remove Frame Deny Message: You are not allowed to remove this ItemFrame!
  •   Place Deny Message: You are not allowed to place this ItemFrame!
  •   Rotate Deny Message: You are not allowed rotate the item in this ItemFrame!
  •   Remove Item Deny Message: You are not allowed to remove items from this ItemFrame!
  •   Command Deny Message: I’m sorry, but you do not have permission to perform this command. Please contact the server administrators if you     believe that this is in error.
  •   Configuration Reload Message: Configuration Reloaded!


Install Frame Protector Plugin 1.7.2

  • Step 1. Download the plugin from the top right of this page.
  • Step 2. Once it has finished downloading, Drag and drop the plugin into you’re /plugins folder of your server directory.
  • Step 3. Start or Restart your server and it should be installed.

Frame Protector Plugin Changelog


  • Removed auto update timer at request of Bukkit.


  • Added Customize able messages.
  • Added Deny Message when the player using a projectile.

Download Frame Protector Plugin 1.7.2

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Author: lst96

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