Food Plus Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

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Food Plus Mod 1.7.10

This mod adds more food so you can get more variety and options to eat


A small sample of the food available in the mod: The textures are subject to changes during updates.

The party block! . As you can see, the texture changes constantly (The block will be improved in upcoming updates)

More screenshots:

Here is the tomato crop. It drops tomatoes and seeds

The beef pie. It can be placed on the ground ! You can eat it like a cake

The chocolate cake!

Yaaaaay, there are pizza!

The new ore! (salt)

The worktop!

The strawberry crop! :3

Seaweeds! (You can adjust the spawn frequency of seaweeds in the config file)

The regfrigerator

And finally…the rice crop (At the moment it’s useless)



Food Plus Mod
Bread slice

Food Plus Mod

Food Plus Mod

Food Plus Mod
Bread and butter pudding

Food Plus Mod
Bread with nutella

Food Plus Mod
Buttered bread

Food Plus Mod
Mashed potato

Food Plus Mod
Cooked carrot

Food Plus Mod

Food Plus Mod

Food Plus Mod

Food Plus Mod
Chocolate cake

Food Plus Mod
Milk shake

Food Plus Mod
Raw omelette

Food Plus Mod

Food Plus Mod
Carrot soup

Food Plus Mod
Raw chips

Food Plus Mod
Fried chips

Food Plus Mod

Apple cake
Food Plus Mod


Food Plus Mod


Food Plus Mod

Food Plus Mod
Steak and chips

Food Plus Mod

Food Plus Mod

Food Plus Mod

Food Plus Mod

Food Plus Mod

Food Plus Mod

Bowl of cereal
Food Plus Mod

Salt block
Food Plus Mod

Food Plus Mod
Raw pizza

Food Plus Mod

Food Plus Mod

Beef pie
Food Plus Mod

Party block
Food Plus Mod

Fried egg

Food Plus Mod

Food Plus Mod

Food Plus Mod

Food Plus Mod
Fish and chips

Food Plus Mod

Food Plus Mod
Cheese pasta

Food Plus Mod
Strawberry milkshake

Food Plus Mod

Food Plus Mod
Strawberry jam

Food Plus Mod
Strawberry donut

Food Plus Mod
Chocolate donut

Food Plus Mod


Food Plus Mod

Food Plus Mod
Candy sword

Food Plus Mod
Candy pickaxe

Food Plus Mod
Candy axe

Food Plus Mod
Candy hoe

Food Plus Mod
Candy spade

Food Plus Mod

Glass (You have to craft it with glass blocks)

Food Plus Mod
Apple juice

Food Plus Mod


Food Plus Mod

Cooked meat

Food Plus Mod

Grilled sausage

Food Plus Mod

Hot dog

Food Plus Mod

Cooked mutton

Food Plus Mod


Food Plus Mod


Food Plus Mod

Ice tray

Food Plus Mod

Ice chunks

Food Plus Mod


Food Plus Mod

Install Food Plus Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2/1.5.2

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download Food Plus Mod
  3. Drag & drop the content of the .zip file into your minecraft.jar or use some automatic installer like McPatcher or Magic Launcher. Also, you can put the .zip file into your “mods” folder
  4. Done



  • Added cofee and cofee beans
  • Added blade (for the cofee grinder)
  • Added cofee grinder
  • Added minced meat
  • Added garbage (You can get this awesome -useless at the moment- item by drinking a soda)
  • Solved the drink animation on certain items
  • Added three languages!
  • Fixed the ice cream cone recipes (Thank you, MCE626 ;3)
  • Changed the sound of salt block
  • Re-writed the rice code
  • Added sandwich bread and some types of sandwich
  • Added bacon
  • Added two types of breakfast (with sausages and bacon)
  • Added chicken dices to make “pinchitos” (How do you pronounce it? xD)
  • Added tomato sauce
  • Added rice with tomato sauce…
  • Changed recipes which use tomatoes (like pizza or pasta)
  • Changed the recipe of the beef pie (now it uses minced meat)
  • Changed the recipe of the ice (now you have to craft it using ice cubes)
  • Re-writed the main class: Before “~298” lines of code; After “~148” lines of code
  • Added a loghelper (It’ll help you to know what’s loaded and what’s not)
  • Added full NEI compatibility (Worktop, Refrigerator & Coffee grinder)
  • Changed a lot of textures, wiiii!
  • Fixed the rice textures
  • Added candy flower (with particles), candy stair, candy slabs and candy fluid(WIP)
  • Added Armpie’s mod(WIP)
  • Added Robtova’s mod(WIP)
  • Added “TestItem” (for testing purposes)
  • Added CandyBucket (for the candy fluid)(WIP)
  • Added candy sprinkles
  • Fixed MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod compatibility
  • Added “Minebay compatibility” (from MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod)
  • New mod update detector (it’ll show you if there’s a new mod update with a notice in-game)
  • Added candy armour
  • Added ketchup
  • Added dough (and changed some recipes to use it)
  • Working on fruit trees (with editable spawn frequency in the config file) WIP
  • Changed some code of candy tools (New material with custom number of uses, enchantability, etc)
  • Added strawberry bush (I’ve already said that?)
  • Recalculated all the food
  • Working on add all the mod items/blocks to the forge dictionary
  • Optimized a lot of code and deleted useless or obsolete classes
  • Changed “Raw omelette” to “Beaten eggs” and changed its texture
  • Changed mooore textures!
  • Changed the config file (you can check my Twitter to see how it’s gonna be)
  • Added *crop* compatibility with Minefactory Reloaded
  • Fixed the seaweed id!
  • Added Wither essence
  • Added withered muffins (You can see like a wither face in the muffin), they can kill you. I feel pranky today!
  • Added candy canes (for Crhistmas ;3)
  • Added chocolate waffles
  • Added coockies (kinda “base” coockie)
  • Added chocolate and strawberry coockies
  • Added meatballs
  • Added fried calamari
  • Added fruit salad
  • Added fruit pie
  • Changed the world generation code (I think it shouldn’t crash now, but let me know if it does)
  • Changed -again- the Food Plus block! It will explode like TNT when you break it!
  • Coffee grinder (block) deleted -You can use the coffee grinder item-
  • Fixed the fried calamari bug (Squids now drop tentacles and raw squids instead of fried calamari)
  • The GUI names (Worktop and Freezer) can now be translated in the language file
  • Added purified Wither essence
  • Added Purified Muffin (“Muffin” in-game) It gives you an amazing regeration during 10 seconds!
  • Added carrot cake
  • The Worktop won’t eat buckets anymore! (I think)
  • The worktop now keeps items in it’s grid even if you close the GUI or quit the game
  • Hey! There’s a filter to obtain salt! (But you can go under the ocean biome if you want xD)
  • Removed the salt ore. Now yoy can get salt using a bucket of water and a filter
  • Added durability (of 10) to the filter
  • Changed the updater. Now it shows your name(It’s just an esthetic change xD)
  • Added Sweet essence and hardened sweet essence (to make candy tools & armor)
  • Added grilled fish with vegetables
  • Added walnuts
  • Added Baklava
  • Added Syrup
  • Added Cherry tomatoes
  • Improved the way Food Plus load the APIs
  • Optimized the events code
  • Added a grill
  • Changed some recipes
  • Updated to 1.7.2 (changed tons of code for this version. If you find a bug, please report it)
  • Seaweed is now farmable! It’s code has been rewrited
  • Optimized Thaumcraft compatibility for crops
  • Now some crops can be harvested WITHOUT breaking them. Just right-click them!
  • Peanuts are now obtainable in survival mode
  • Surprise! Hint: *It’s just a test…*
  • Added Slurpee garbage (so much garbage…right?)
  • Added pizza wheel (it is AWESOME -and it will give you 2 additional slices of pizza-)
  • Added banana bread
  • Added cooked bacon
  • Added seaweed salad
  • Added cooked flesh (it can give you some saturation effect)
  • Added beef stew
  • Added sugar cookie
  • Added french fries with ketchup
  • Added yogurt
  • Added fruit yogurt
  • Added chocolate coconut bar
  • Added durability to the knife (to make bread slices ;]!)
  • Fixed some annoying bugs


  • Added Slurpees with 9 different flavours
  • Added ice cubes
  • Added strawberry cake
  • Added frozen milk
  • Added Ice cream (chocolate, strawberry and melon)
  • Added candy block
  • Added ice cream cone
  • Added hot chocolate
  • Added fried rice
  • Added rice with meat and rice with veggies
  • Added strawberry dipped in chocolate
  • Changed the file system (It looks like this –> “com.foodplus.blocks/items/core”)

Download Food Plus Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2/1.5.2

For 1.7.10

For 1.7.2

For 1.6.4

For 1.6.2

For 1.5.2

Credits: JoseTheCrafter


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