Flood Lights Mod 1.7.10

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Flood Lights Mod 1.7.10

Did you ever want to light up a large area without placing a bazillion light blocks yourself? Then this mod is what you are looking for.

Currently it adds just the electric floodlight (powerable via RF, UE, and EU). Nonelectric version included as well. Toggle invert state via shift right click with empty hand. Power usage, range and refresh rate for the lights (how fast they are placed) can be set in the config.

Keep in mind that this mod is still alpha: So back up your worlds and expect changes that may delete blocks or items from my mod. Block deletions are very very unlikely, item deletions will be more likely, since when I misspell the internal name, I will change it when I notice it (English is not my native language, that would be German). I will bump the version number once all required goals have been met and a bit of testing has been made with the latest versions. Please report any Issues you find on the github tracker or pm me in IRC on EsperNET (Keridos is my name there aswell, Keridos_off when am not available).

Future Plans:


  • IC2 Energy Support (done)
  • Coal based Floodlight (done)
  • config setting for floodlight range (done)
  • switching texture for floodlights (done)


  • different floodlights, that do not light up a straight line
  • maybe colored floodlights

Download Flood Lights Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10


Author: Keridos


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