Fall of Orai Map

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Fall of Orai

Orai- the three sisters, Eunomia (Harmony), Diana (Justice) and Eirene (Peace) assist the Olympians by organizing the Seasons and adding balance to Nature; One day Diana was walking along a cliff side to find the perfect flower as a present for her other sisters. There was one flower alongside the entire cliff, it was bright orange and the most beautiful flower she had ever seen. She wanted that flower more than anything. While trying to climb down just far enough to get the flower she slipped. Two days later her sisters found her washed up on shore next to the cliff with a leave and some pedals from the flower in her hand. The two sisters went to the cliff where the flower was and prayed to the gods to bring her back. Instead of bringing her back the gods made a massive tree in her honor and made it to be forever fall, the beautiful orange leaves never fall and never change on this tree. It is said if you can get your hands on one of the leaves without falling you will have eternal life and can never be hurt.

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Author: Plutouthere

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