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Explosives++ Mod 1.7.10







Hey guys, ever wanted to jazz up your minecraft, and make it a little more, explosive? Like literally? Are you a fan of Explosives+ / TooMuchTNT, but were dissapointed because they weren’t being updated as frequently? Well, today I introduce.. Explosives++ to fix your problems! (The name is an inside programmers joke). Built on top of the MinerCore 1.1 API, this mod delivers explosive functionality, while being easy to update and expand. Best of all, you don’t even have to seperately install MinerCore, because MinerCore comes packaged with every download!

Latest update (v1.0b):

  • Fixed nukes not fully exploding; Changed nuke explosion slightly.
  • Added base code for more explosives, still in beta however.

This mod adds in a bunch of explosives, and the collection will get bigger soon! The mod currently has 7 different TNTs, plus 1 item that will only be used in crafting recipies.

1. TNT x5
Simple, just 5 times stronger than TNT.

2. TNT x20
Also relatively simple, 20 times stronger than TNT

3. C4 Explosive
Explodes instantly, half as strong as TNT, and not set off by nearby explosions.
Relatively cheap to make.

4. Drill TNT
Drills hole down to bedrock. No crafting recipie as of now.

5. Flat TNT
Blows up a large, relatively flat area around the origin. Good for clearing out large underground areas. No crafting recipie as of now.

6. Nuke TNT
Blows up a huge-normous crater around the origin. By far the most destructive. No crafting recipie as of now (sadly).

7. Meteor TNT
Makes a medium sized crater, surrounded by cracks going outward in the ground as well as on nearby structures. No crafting recipie as of now.

Items used for crafting only:

1. Plastic
Used to make C4s, made from a 3×3 square of coal in a crafting table.

Download Explosives++ Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10


Author: minerguy31

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