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EvilCraft Mod

EvilCraft is a mod developed by two guys who wanted to get some experience in minecraft modding.
This mod basically adds various evil things to minecraft, from everything such as little flying
monster that will follow you around and try to poison you, to bottles that allow you to store and
control the weather.

This is our first public release of this mod for minecraft 1.6.4 and the very first thing
we plan on doing is porting it to minecraft 1.7. We do however plan on fixing any bugs you
might encounter and we will keep releasing versions for minecraft 1.6.4 until the next version
for minecraft 1.7 is complete, so please don’t hesitate to post any bugs you might find
on our bug tracker. If you have suggestions how we could improve our mod or any additions
you might want to see in the future, they can also be posted on our bug tracker.





  • Fix index out of bounds exception for random Blood Stained Block models
  • Add safety for when version checking failed


  • Use Version Checker modcompat from Cyclops Core


  • Make ticking machines disableable with a redstone signal. Closes #163
  • Remember progress in Spirit Furnace. Closes #162
    Will only remember progress until the TE is unloaded, so a world restart/chunk unload will reset the progress anyways. So this is intented.
  • Add default BOP Blood support. Closes #161
  • Add recipe for dead bushes.
  • Make Mob Furnace related recipes quite a bit easier.
  • Add relevant Inventory Tweaks API classes.
  • Fix shift-right click when Exalted Crafter is full. #157
  • Re-add custom moveFrom NEI support for Exalted Crafter. #157
  • Fix #159 – Exalted Crafter stack sizes are not limited to 37 anymore.
  • Fix #155 – Client desync when filling/draining tank with buckets.
  • Fix #156 – Some tanks weren’t able to be filled from Dark Tank.



  • Added creative-mode blood container.
  • Added Inverted Potentia recipe to the Envir Acc.
  • Added Kineticator.
  • Added Tinkers’ Construct Tool repair action for the Blood Chest.
  • Added support for Forge Multipart next to the existing support for
  • BuildCraft facades. The amount of supported blocks for these are
  • increased.
  • Added several backpack items to the forestry backpacks. And added Undead
  • Logs and Leaves to the squeezer to create blood and possibly Hardened
  • Blood Shards.
  • Added support for the Undead Sapling in Forestry’s multifarm.
  • Added a BloodChestRepairActionRegistry.
  • It allows multiple types of repair actions to be used. For example from
  • external mods.
  • Added degradation effects to the Environmental Accumulator
  • Added Inverted Potentia.

Improvement & fixes:

  • Improved rendering of leaves.
  • Fixed issue where multi-pass blocks were sometimes transparent.
  • Fixed some small fluid localization issues.
  • Added NEI support for the Environmental Accumulator.
  • Rewrote packet handling.
  • Made the version checker a lot faster.
  • Removed Blood as Compression Fuel from Thermal Expansion. Closes #69.
  • Redstone grenade item will not drop by default anymore.
  • Blood Containers won’t fill items in use anymore.
  • Fixed small server crash in the Particle Degradation effect.
  • Made Degradation Effects configurables so that they can be disabled.
  • Rewrote Environmental Accumulator
  • Used the Broom model for it’s item renderer to make it fancy.
  • Added Kineticator tick offset to reduce lag.
  • Improved Tile Entity base logic.
  • Improved Blood Extraction logic. Closes #73.
  • Tile Entities are now correctly removed, even in creative mode.
  • Closes #59.
  • Added Purifier extra check to be able to handle invalid enchants.
  • Blood obtaining is more balanced.
  • The amount are fully configurable.
  • Fixed glitchy container amount behavior when extracting blocks.
  • Inter mod compacts use the correct blood amounts now.
  • Made the blood chest blood usage configurable. Closes #72.
  • Configured Hardened Blood Shards as red dye. Closes #76.
  • Fix #66 + Fix #68 – Improved NetherFish Spawn oregen in nether.
  • Fix #67 – Improved disabling of Configurables.
  • Fix ExcrementPile crash
  • Fixed incorrect reference of the base container size of Blood Containers
  • Broom speed is now affected by potions, this closes #34
  • Made version checker less annoying, it now uses only one chat line.
  • Added L10N for chat messages, fix #40.
  • You can now interact when sitting on a broom

Download EvilCraft Mod

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For 1.7.10


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For 1.7.2


Old version


For 1.6.4



  • kroeser
  • immortaleeb
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