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Eurys Mods 1.4.7


Eurys Mods 1.4.7



How to install a mod :

Install forge : If you don’t have installed Forge yet, drop all files from the archive to your minecraft.jar or minecraft_server.jar. Client side only: delete META-INF folder. Put the archives in your mod folder.

Download Eurys Mods 1.7.2

Playing SOLO or SMP or Running SMP Server :

In order to get your Multi-Textured Mods client/server up and running, you need to install Forge, Eury’s Core and the desired mods. Last Forge Build: DOWNLOAD THREAD Slime Void Lib ( : DOWNLOAD Multi-Textured Buttons: DOWNLOAD Multi-Textured Levers: DOWNLOAD Multi-Textured Presure Plates: DOWNLOAD Multi-Textured Signs: DOWNLOADMulti-Textured Doors: DOWNLOAD


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