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Essentials bukkit plugins 1.7.4

(Top 1 plugins for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2)

Essentials offers over 100 commands and features useful on just about every server.

Our major features include:

  • Player kits and first join kits
  • Item metadata spawning, including enchantments, names and book support
  • Easy player to player teleports, including teleport requests.
  • Single or multiple homes
  • Warp locations with sign support
  • Full chat and nickname customisation
  • Full moderator control, with feature such as muting, jailing and temp banning
  • Economy support, including shop signs and command costs
  • Full permission based build control, with the ability to block certain items
  • Core world protection, allowing you to block explosions, fire spread and other catastrophes!

The Essentials plugin is available in a number of different bundles, and the various modules can be configured to give a unique server experience, tailored to your server and your players.

We recommend visiting the wiki links below to find out more about the different packages, commands and permissions available.

Due to the restraints of DBO, we are unable to offer our old download links, including the link forGroupManager.

Visit our wiki to find our CI server and how to become a beta tester.

When downloading Essentials, be sure to check the supported game version. Due to how slow Bukkit is to get to Recommend builds after Minecraft release, we may begin releasing ‘Release’ builds when the Bukkit release is still in Beta.


Quote from Essentials:Essentials is currently developed and maintained by KHobbits and snowleo. Group Manager is maintained by ElgarL.

Many thanks to the other major developers and contributors over the years:
Zenexer, Aelux, Brettflan, KimKandor, ceulemans, necrodoom, ementalo, okamosy, khyperia, Iaccidentally, md_5, GunfighterJ, kukelekuuk00, chrisgward, Skylexia and Andrewkm (EcoCityCraft).
Check the commit list at github for all names.

We have rolling releases, the second number in our version number changes if there is a new Minecraft or major Bukkit update. We only support the recommended versions of Bukkit.

If you have problems, check if you have the newest versions of Bukkit and Essentials first. In many cases the problem has already been fixed.

Over 7,000,000 downloads since May 2011!


The Essentials project is maintained by a team of developers in their free time. The amount of time we spend improving on this project is down to personal motivation, we do not get paid to keep this updated. If you find Essentials is an essential part of your server, or has made your life easier, please consider giving us a donation to help keep the project alive.

Thanks go to our top 10 donators:

  • Andrewkm – Server owner, EcoCityCraft
  • Skylexia – Friend
  • X-Rob – Server owner, Minecraft Australia
  • mewfrosting – Server owner,
  • Stickmenz – Server owner, RealmCraft
  • Murga – Server owner, SteelCraft
  • Svesken – Server owner,
  • R_O_C_K_Y – Server owner, Hardcore’s Minecraft Servers
  • Crueldog – Server owner – Curelmc
  • DarkShimy – Server owner,



  • Updated for CB 1.7.2-R0.3 Dev Build
  • New Feature – Support for vanilla json-style format metadata in commands and kits
  • Update – Work around for OSX sign glitch, should fix signs till mojang fixes client issue.
  • Update – Reset exhaustion on /feed
  • Update – Add some new events to EssApi
  • Update – Add better maven support
  • Update – Add extra optional TL keys to teleport messages
  • Update – Better mobdata matching for zombies and skeletons with items
  • Bug Fix – Fix hidden groups in /list
  • Bug Fix – Fix backup scripts not running properly on large output
  • Bug Fix – Remove unobtainable items from items.csv to avoid confusion
  • Bug Fix – Checks command cost permissions prior to teleporting
  • Bug Fix – Fix some items.csv bugs with unusable items
  • Permission – essentials.msg.multiple – permission to allow /msg * <message>
  • Permission – – permission to allow /pay * <amount>


  • Updated for CB 1.6.4 Release Build
  • Update – Allow ignoring tpa requests with /ignore
  • Update – Improved offline and nickname matching
  • Update – Update translation files
  • Update – Better support for mod packs
  • Bug Fix – Fix money api
  • Bug Fix – Fixed vanish status showing in some commands
  • Bug Fix – Fix teleport to self causing block popping
  • Bug Fix – Minor fixes with safe teleport


Changes since Pre 2.12.6:

  • Updated for CB 1.6.2 Release Build
  • Bug Fix – Fix case sensitivity on {PLAYERLIST:group}
  • Bug Fix – Fix handling max warp pages

Changes since 2.11.1:

  • New Feature – Allow alternative chapter/bookmark names in info files
  • New Feature – /ci allow selective item removing from players
  • New Feature – Allow placing predefined spawners: /i spawner:50
  • New Feature – Add {TEAMPREFIX} {TEAMSUFFIX} and {TEAMNAME} to chat formatting.
  • New Feature – Configurable max nick length
  • New Feature – /worth expansion and allow /worth all
  • New Feature – Custom text commands – You can now make commands such as /vote or /website by aliasing the /customtext command.
  • New Feature – When teleporting with godmode+fly or when in creative, Essentials wont use ‘safe teleport’.
  • Update – Update Locale files
  • Update – Support more flexible Locale syntax, and translation engine
  • Update – Add prefix/suffix support for zPermissions
  • Update – Add horse spawning
  • Update – Add full metadata syntax help “/spawnmob mob:”
  • Update – Allow ‘No one listening’ messages to be configured via Locale file
  • Update – Allow all TL messages to be supressed via Locale file
  • Update – Show IP bans in /seen <ip>
  • Update – /tpahere now uses the location of the player when they type the command, rather than their ‘current’ location
  • Update – Some extra aliases for essentials commands
  • Update – Add COORDS, UPTIME and TPS manual file keywords
  • Update – Add support for {PLAYERLIST:GROUP} AND {PLAYERLIST:GROUP:<none>} manual file keywords
  • Update – Add support for coloured authors on books
  • Update – Optimize keyword replacer so we don’t waste time parsing unused keywords
  • Bug Fix – Better handle {PARAM} so unused tags don’t get automatically converted to [PARAM]
  • Bug Fix – Fix socialspy syntax
  • Bug Fix – Don’t drop oversized stacks if user doesn’t have access to spawn oversized stacks
  • Bug Fix – Handle inventory stacking permission issue
  • Bug Fix – Fix /sethome others handling when you don’t have permission.
  • Bug Fix – Fix some obscure error messages
  • Bug Fix – Fix NPE when using /back before a player has teleported
  • Bug Fix – Fix bug caused when someone added ‘air’ to kits
  • Bug Fix – Let essentials alt command handler, handle tab complete
  • Bug Fix – Fixed colour code escaping in chat: &&6 -> &6
  • Bug Fix – Don’t allow buying partial item sets via trade signs.
  • Bug Fix – Fix negative item stacks
  • Permission – essentials.spawnerconvert.<mobname> – Allow placing predefined spawners
  • Permission – essentials.vanish.others – Allows toggling vanish for other players
  • Permission – essentials.mute.offline – Allows the muting of offline players
  • Permission – essentials.customtext – Allows access to customtext commands

Download Essentials bukkit plugins

For 1.7.4/1.7.2

Old version


For 1.6.4/1.6.2

Old version

For 1.5.2

For 1.4.7


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  • ementalo 
  • GunfighterJ
  • Iaccidentally
  • khobbits
  • md_5
  • schneeleo
  • evonuts
  • Zenexer
  • ElgarL 
  • khyperia


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