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Epic Weapons Mod 1.7.2


Epic Weapons Mod 1.7.2

The battleaxes are normal axes, but they take a lot of damage and their are very fast on wood!
The Dopple Pickaxe is likely diamond, but takes a lot of damage too.
The Fireobsidian Spade, Magma Spade and Ultraenderspade are normal spades, but very fast on dirt, sand etc. and take a lot of damage!

There are at the moment three new ores in your Minecraft. Sapphire-, Ruby- and Silverore.
They looks like emerald, but they’ve got other colours.
The silverore drops silverore, but you can’t smelt them. (in the next update)
The sapphire- and rubyore drop their gems; sapphire and ruby.
New kinds of sticks are in the game too; stone-, iron-, gold- and diamondsticks.
You can craft the stonestick with two cobblestones.
The ironstick with two iron ingots.
The goldstick with too gold ingots.
And the diamondstick with two diamond.



Download Epic Weapons Mod 1.7.2

For 1.7.2


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