Enviromine Mod 1.7.10/1.6.4

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EnviroMine adds that little bit more realism to Minecraft by making the environment an extra game play element adding in hydration, body temperature, sanity, air quality and physics. Villages can contain mine shafts that go down to almost bedrock making them a valuable addition to villages and players.


Enviromine Mod 1.7.10


Stay hydrated using those nice refreshing water bottles. There are 4 types of water, dirty, salty, cold and normal. Different biomes will give different types of water. Ocean or river biomes will give you salty water which will dramatically decrease your hydration. Swamps and jungles will give you dirty water which can poison you. Snow biomes such as taiga will give you cold water which will decrease your body temperature. Right clicking a water source with an empty hand will allow you to drink it, although biome effects will still apply. Placing a cauldron over fire with water in it will make the water negate the effects of the biome. Smelting water bottles will get rid of the effects making it safe to drink. Animals and villagers are also effected by hydration so it is recommended to keep a water source handy. By placing a water bottle and a snowball in a crafting table you get a cold water bottle. Camel packs can be extremely helpful for hydration. By placing a camel pack with a drink in a crafting table it will fill the camel pack allowing it to refill hydration once placed in your armor slot.

Exploration becomes more difficult with the new temperature system. Snow biomes such as taiga will cool you down to a deadly -6.1 degrees in the day without armor on. At night time the snow can get cold enough to get you to -16.1 degrees Celsius. Wearing leather armor can help warm you up and being near heat sources such as torches, fire, lava can help also. Deserts can heat you up to 50 degrees at day and reaches 25 degrees at night. Iron armor in the sun can cause massive temperature increase. At hot temperatures the player can contract heatstroke. Heatstroke will cause nausa and can slow the player and even injure the player. By having rapidly decreasing temperatures the player can contract hypothermia. Frostbite settles in at extremely low temperatures and at high temperatures hydration rapidly decreases. Frostbite stage 1 can cause fumbling of the hands causing you to drop your items suddenly. Frostbite stage 2 can cause massive injuries and even disable jumping and walking. Mobs such as wolves and sheep are not effected by the cold but will overheat and die in hotter biomes such as deserts. Keep certain animals cool and other animals warm. Diamond armor is good for cooler and hotter biomes. Travelling from one biome to another will gradually change the temperature instead of just a sudden on/off change. By gathering multiple players and animals around you, you are able to increase your heat temperature to help keep yourself warm (the temperature does even out, it doesn't continually increase.

During daylight you will be fine and happy as you dance around your gardens, but as the night sets the fear kicks in. Mobs start to rise and sanity starts to drop. In dark areas your sanity will slowly drop. When being attacked by mobs or close to death your sanity will drop more rapidly and will drop the fastest when being attacked by an enderman. Tier 1 insanity makes you hear strange noises, tier 2 gives you nausea, tier 3 is random blindness.

Air Quality:
Deep in caves the air is thin and dry, though there is ways to let some nice fresh air in. Low underground your air quality decreases around torches, fire and lava. Placing leaves can recycle the air or creating air shafts which are holes to the surface. If you aren't careful than you will suffocate deep underground. Depending on the amount of space around will change the speed of the air quality drop.

As you build a structure keep in mind its stability. Certain blocks have different stability. Wood and iron are the strongest and stone is the weakest. Naturally spawned structures such as caves and dungeons are quite stable by themselves. Blocks detect physics up down left right and even diagonals, punching blocks can cause physics updates without having to place or destroy blocks. A falling block can hurt and even kill you depending on the height of the fall. Sand and gravel will always attempt to slide down hills causing some very dangerous desert hills. During rain dirt will weaken acting as sand does causing mudslides.

The gui can be moved around to different positions on the screen using the config files located in the config/EnviroMine folder in your minecraft location. The config files also allow for massive customization (similar to an API). These configs allow you to change temeperature, hydration physics and more options for any entity or block including custom and modded. Using the keyboad shortcut shift+J you are able to add the block or item you are holding or the entity you are looking at (with an empty hand) to the CustomProperties/MyCustom.dat file with the setup there for you. Every time you start a world or log on the mod will check if it is currently the latest version, if it is not the latest version it will notify you in the chat.

Install Enviromine Mod 1.7.10/1.6.4

  1. Install Forge using the installer
  2. Download the EnviroMine version for your version of Minecraft
  3. Place into you mods folder (start Minecraft at least once if it isn’t there)
  4. Play!

Download Enviromine Mod 1.7.10/1.6.4

For 1.7.10


For 1.6.4


Author: TimbuckTato

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