Ender Utilities Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2

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Ender Utilities Mod 1.7.10

Ender Utilities is mod packed full of miscellaneous utility type items and blocks.
As the name suggests, most of these center around “ender type” mechanics, such as teleportation, remote access, extended storage capabilities.


During the Modjam event itself (96 hours), I only managed to implement about 5 things completely, a couple of more partially, and 12 things were left on the TODO list entirely.
Mostly finished items at the moment are:

  • Ender Arrows
  • Ender Bow
  • Ender Bucket
  • Ender Lasso
  • Ender Pearl (re-usable)

Unfinished/non-functional items:

  • Ender Bag
  • Ender Furnace


  • Ender Arrows: The projectiles used for the Ender Bow. You get the arrows back after you shoot them, at least at the moment. (Thoughts?) Bonus: if you hit mobs with them (as in whacking the mobs with the arrows in your hand), it will randomly teleport the mob around you in a 10m radius. Fun for chicken tennis 
  • Ender Bag (UNFINISHED): Sneak + right click on an inventory to bind the bag to it. It does nothing else yet, since it is currently unfinished. Also note the derpy placeholder texture 
  • Ender Bow: Sneak + right click on a block to bind the bow to that location. After that any mobs you shoot with the bow (and the Ender Arrows!) will get teleported to that spot, cross-dimensionally. Doesn’t work for players (yet?). Black list config will be added later.
  • Ender Bucket: Ever get frustrated with carrying your inventory full of buckets to transport fluids or build something with fluids? Well this bucket can hold (by default) a maximum of 16 buckets of the same fluid at once! Can be emptied to the same fluid by sneak + right clicking. (a little bit incomplete still, probably only works for water and lava atm, and no mod tank interaction yet. Also doesn’t cause a block update atm. (bug or feature, what do you think?))
  • Ender Lasso: Sneak + right click on a block to bind the lasso to that location. After that any mobs you right click on will get teleported to that location, cross-dimensionally.
  • Ender Pearl (re-usable): Frustrated of carrying around several stacks of Ender Pearls to get around? Well these ones you get back after they hit and teleport you! Also only deals 1 heart of damage at the moment. (Thoughts about this?) Stacks only up to 4.


  • – Ender Furnace (UNFINISHED, doesn’t do anything yet)

Crafting recipies

NOTE: These are pretty unbalanced and will be changed sometime later.

Ender Arrows:

Posted Image
Ender Bag:

Posted Image
Ender Bow:

Posted Image
Ender Bucket:

Posted Image
Ender Furnace:

Posted Image
Ender Lasso:

Posted Image
Ender Pearl (re-usable):

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Download Ender Utilities Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2

For 1.7.10


For 1.7.2


Author: masa_fi

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