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Ender IO Mod

EnderIO has been developed to remove those things I have found frustrating when using mod packs such as FTB. At this early stage, Ender IO provides three main sets of functionality:

  • 1) A compact set of conduits for power, redstone and fluids (items to come). These conduits can all be combined within a single block space and hidden by a simple facade system that allows the facade to appear as any other opaque block in the game, wether its vanilla or from another mod. The facades are automatically hidden when a tool or conduit is equipped to allow modifications to your conduit system without removing and replacing the facades.
    The power conduits support Build Craft power (MJ) and the fluid conduits support any fluid using the new Forge fluid API.
  • 2) The EnderIO block and Enderface item can be used in conjunction to interact with any your machines or inventories from anywhere within the same dimension. The items are expensive, but tending to your bee hives without constantly running back and forth makes it well worth while!
  • 3) Tired of having a limited selection of stairs, fences, walls or gates? With the ‘Painter’ you can now make these blocks appear as though they are made out of any opaque block in the game (including blocks from other mods), no matter how silly it may look! Dirt stairs? Diamond block walls? Maybe even something sensible….








Ender IO adds the following machines:

  • 1) Stirling Generator (equivalent to BC Stirling engine)
  • 2) Photovoltaic Panels (aka solar panels) at peak producing 1 MJ/t
  • 3) Painter
  • 4) Alloy furnace
  • 5) Reservoir

Multiblock, place in a 4×1 pattern, fill with two buckets and you have an infinite water source. Eight click with a bucket etc to fill it, or attached Liquid Conduits or BC pipes. To auto eject into attached pipes / machines, right click with a wrench.

Using the EnderIO

  • To remotely access your machines etc, craft the EnderIO block and the Enderface item. Place the EnderIO near your machines then right click on it with the Enderface to sync the two. To activate, simple right click on the Enderface from any location within the same dimension and a UI will open which displays all blocks within an eight block radius of the EnderIO. Right click on any of these blocks to open its GUI.
  • The area around the EndioIO is not currently chunk loaded, so this must be handled separately.


Use Not Enough Items

Alloy Recipes:

  • Activated iron = redstone dust + iron ingot + glowstone dust
  • Activated gold = redstone dust + gold ingot + glowstone dust
  • Ender iron = ender pearl + iron ingot + flowstone dust
  • Fused Quartz = 2 x nether quartz

Installation Ender IO Mod

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge installer
  • Download Ender IO Mod
  • Put Ender IO Mod jar file into your /.minecraft/mods folder
  • Done

Ender IO Mod Changelogs:

Important: EIO now requires the latest version of the RF API. This change means EIO conduits will work with the latest release of TE and MFR, but it will also mean you may get errors / crashes if you use mods that ship an old version of the API. If you are getting java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError errors this means an old version of the RF is being loaded. This can resolved by either removing the cofh/api/energy folder from the out of date mods jars, or including the latest cofh core (as is the the owner of the RF api its version should always be loaded). Do not report these errors on the EIO issue tracker, but please do report them to the owners of the mods including the old API.

Version 2.2.4

– #1413 Added support for Dense Ores in SAG Mill and Alloy Furnace
– #1029 Add lock buttons to farm seed slots

– #1209 Add API interface to allow forced connection of redstone conduits
– Added IMC support for defining if a block or tile entity should be connected to by insulated redstone conduits


– #1147 Increased Dimensional Transceiver energy buffer from 100k to 500k

– Using travel upgrade on tools not draining power
– #1128 Ender IO crashes when using travel staff in SMP
– #1139 Attractor not working with existing entities.
– #1142 Dimension Transceiver crash, NullPointerException
– #1143 Soul binder has incorrect lighting in come situations
– #1023 Displayed power not rendering the non-breaking space separator correctly (French locale)
– #1136 Crafter energy cost on GUI tool tip wrong.
– #1144 Wireless charger not keeping its charge when the game / chunk is unloaded
– #1058 Can’t extract buckets from stirling gen (tterrag)


New / Changes

  • Added inverted powered lights and non-powered lights.
  • Items can be excluded from ‘grinding ball’ bonuses to prevent item dupes.
  • Added painted glowstone.
  • Added diamond ore recipe to SAG Mill.
  • Increased power stored with top tier upgrade power upgrade in Dark Steel items/armor.


  • Fps drop with Transceiver
  • DSAxe not working in farm (tterrag)
  • dupe bug with sag mill
  • Water bottle deletion in tank (tterrag)
  • Added recipe for ‘Existing Item’ filter and removed some debug.
  • A couple more Packet related crashes fixed
  • Axes were ONLY being damaged on leaves, not not damaged on leaves (tterrag)
  • Switch to using proper methods for tool damaging. Should fix all compatability issues with the farm. (tterrag)
  • Fixed creative cap banks becoming uncreative after re-load.
  • Fixed client sync failing when a machine finishes running.


Minimum forge version is now 1090
It is suggested you delete the config file and allow it to be re-generated
This update contains very large changes across the entire EIO code base. 
Backup your world before updating!

New / Improved

  • Major client side and network performance improvements for all machines
  • Added config option to display durability for all weapons/tool/armor.
  • Added ‘Crafter’ auto-crafting block
  • Added ‘Zombie Head’ generator. Requires nutrient distalation for fuel (made in the vat)
  • Added ’round robin’ mode to item conduits
  • Added priority settings for item conduit outputs
  • Now only a single type of item conduit whcih has upgradable speed and filters (existing conduits auto-updated)
  • Major cleanup of config [VapourDrive]. Deleting the old config is recomened or lots of entries will have no effect.


  • All harvest operations now require and damage a tool (either hoe or axe)
  • Reduced the cost added by enchantments when repairing DS stuff.
  • Farm harvests from the top down to prevent ‘stranded blocks’ if the axe runs out mid way through a tree.


  • Re-write of packet handling to prevent memory leak. Massive thanks to tterrag for doing most of this work!
  • Added missing EIO alloys to the ore dictionary
  • Farm now harvests apples from oak trees
  • Fixed wrench breaking adv. solar dropping basic ones.
  • Fixed Dark Steel Armor protection values.
  • Fixed output of quite clear glass ‘vanilla’ recipes.
  • Pull mode loosing fluid


  • Added per side auto ‘push/push’ of items/fluids to all machines
  • Overhaul of machine UI’s, adding more information


  • Added pull/push modes for machine sides.
  • Supports pulling/pushing items and fluids from adjacent inventories / tanks.


  • Ported 1.0 for MC 1.6.4 to MC 1.7.2
  • Added Dark Steel (Alloy) armor


  • Crash
  • Ender IO Item conduits are eating items


  • Alloy only mode broken
  • Server crash with TravelStaff
  • Fixed ore dictionary integration of EIO silicon
  • Capacitor full gate condition does not trigger
  • Added zh_TW localisation (mymagadsl)
  • Fixed zooming of distant travel anchors

Major changes to EnderIO block and new teleporting features

  • Added new ‘Travel Anchor’ block and ‘Staff of Traveling’ item (textures are temporary. Warning, made by a coder)
  • EnderIO block now much cheaper, range configurable in config
  • Enderface deprecated and no longer works. Functionality now provided by ‘Staff of Traveling’
  • EnderIO block now allows access to ME Access and Crafting terminals (can be disabled in config)


  •  Conduits can now be manipulated when morphed
  •  Fixed ME conduit recipe not working if default ID not used.
  •  Pressurized fluid conduit dropping normal fluid conduit
  •  Allow recipes alloying incomplete inputs in some cases
  •  Packet storm created when using item conduits to insert into JABBA barrels.


  • Massive client side performance improvement for large capacitor banks
  • Fixed capacitor bank lighting
  • Improved connected textures for fused quartz
  • Significant performance improvements to all machines
  • French localisations added [WLCD]
  • Resolved block update related issues with EIO conduits and TE conduits/blocks.
  • Conduit Bundles low performance
  • Crash when breaking TE redstone conduit connected to Ender IO conduit
  • Red stone conduit update times grow with network size


  • Significant improvements to conduit rendering performance
  • Added ability to create separate ‘colored’ channels with item conduits
  • Added toggle to allow items to be re-inserted into the same block using item conduits
  • Added redstone controls to power conduits
  • Added back redstone controls to transceivers
  • NPE when power conduits interfacing with TE machines
  • Send/Recieve settings not saved when transceiver broken
  • Improved client side performance of fluid conduits
  • Stirling Generator not responding to redstone signals


  • Transceivers now handle items
  • Changed Transceivers to a straight ‘send/receive’ model
  • Server side performance optimisations made across the board
  • Insulated RS Conduit now connects to TE machines by default.
  •  Conduit Nodes reconnect in ‘all directions’ after disconnect.
  • Same painted half slabs not placing correctly.
  • Power Monitor engine control settings reseting
  • Capacitor banks outputting energy to BC engines.
  • Forcing connections with Insulated Redstone Conduits not working.
  • Changed colors on power monitor


  • Advanced item conduits dropping 1st tier conduits.
  • Fixed message when EnderIO is out of range.
  • Updated item filter UI.
  • Fixed input/output limits on capacitor banks with multiple connections.
  • Conduits not handling chunk loading / unloading correctly.
  • Item conduits now accept input from TE tesseracts and can have items ejected into them from TE and MFR machines.


  • Added filtering to item conduits.
  • Added a second tier item conduit
  • Added new ‘external connection’ configuration UI
  • Improved the ‘conduit mode’ behaviour of YetaWrench
  • Added redstone controls for liquid and item extraction.
  • Conduit and machine textures updated (Alchemist)
  • Silicon now registered in the ore dictionary and recipes use ore dictionary silicon (Alchemist)
  • Capacitor bank storage increased (Alchemist)
  • Tweaks to wool and clay block SAG Mill recipes (Unrepentant-Atheist)
  • – EIO items added as dungeon loot (Alchemist)
  • – Phased Alloy renamed to Vibrant Alloy, Phased Iron renamed to Pulsating Iron (Alchemist)
  • – Significantly improved performance of Photovoltaic Cells.


  • Cannot connect an empty fluid conduit to a full one.
  • Item conduits inserting / extracting incorrectly from TE machines.
  • Stack overflow when loops created with liquid conduits and tessseracts or transceivers.
  • Conduits don’t send power to tesseracts.

Download Ender IO Mod

For 1.7.10


Old version




For 1.7.2 (enderio-1.1.0_alpha.101)


Old version







For 1.6.4 (EnderIO 1.0.5)


Old version











For 1.6.2


Old version


For 1.5.2


Credits: CrazyPants

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