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Eltrich: City Of Poor and Wealthy Map


 The city of Elitrich. The city of two kinds of men, poor and wealthy. The city that is ruled by a tyrant, a man that only cares about gold. He separated the city into two parts, the rich and poor districts. 
 People in the poor district live in a bad condition. King found something on their island, something that changed him forever. Nobody cares about them anymore. Now they are forced to work in the mine. The only thing they get is food and water, but there is not enough food. People are dying by starvation and now king closed the bridge between two islands. 
 On the other side, people are living a happy life. They have enough gold to buy food, clothes… They don’t care what is going on on the other side of the bridge. They are happy and they don’t want to see horrible things. They live in their big, confortalbe, fancy mansions. 
 Now, revolution begins. People from poor district are uhappy and want better life. They will kill, they will destroy just to see a better tomorrow, even if it will cost their lives. An unknown man will start this war. Blood will be spilled, everything will burn, but the king will die. 










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