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Elemental Mod 1.6.4


Elemental Mod 1.6.4

This Mod is A basic elemental Themed mod. It adds 2 new mobs and a few items. Achievements will help with the crafting recipes. Once you receive the final items for each element you can craft the Elemental Sword.











WARNING: For elemental sword ender pearl has been changed to Shade Cloth that can be found after killing a Shade Creeper!
Forge is needed for this mod.

Ice Sword: A sword that has a high damage rate but has no other special affect.
Fire Sword: A sword that light mobs on fire. Good way to cook beef.

Electric Pickaxe: A quick pickaxe that summons lightning if used as a weapon. Breaks easily.

Earthen Armor: A armor that will last ages.
Shade Armor: An OK armor that when crafted gains blast resistance and feather falling. DOES NOT WORK IF YOU SHIFT CLICK TO FINISH THE CRAFT!

Wind Cookie: “I wonder what happens if I run…”

Water Orb: Refills 3 water buckets. Great for when you are in the nether or end and don’t want to carry un-stack-able buckets.
Ice Shard: Used to make the Ice Sword.
Solidified Earth Element: Used for crafting the Earthen Armor.
Volt Stone: Used to craft the Electric Pickaxe. Has some “shocking” (pun intended) results if wielded as a weapon.
Shade Cloth:Found when a Shade Creeper is slain. Used for crafting Shade Armor.

Formed Earth Block: Spawns ONCE per chunk in groups of up to 40 on the LOWEST levels of the world. Glows like redstone… Good luck!
Solid Light: Only spawned as a filler block in the Glowing Forest biome. Glows bright as glowstone!

Shadowlands: A very tall extreme biome. Coal on the top and obsidian underneath. Watch out for Shade Creepers and the rare Giant Zombie. Ender Dragons have been reported in the area but is it just a myth? None have been photographed.
Glowing Forest: Glowing dirt under the earth, giant trees above. The only hostile mob is the Shade Creeper.

Shade Creeper: Don’t expect this creeper to explode. Its more likely to teleport behind you.
Light Wolf: A wolf rimed with golden light to help vanquish the mobs.

THE ELEMENTAL SWORD: Using all of the elements you can craft this sword. Wear armor, because the sword is likely to cause some damage to you as well!

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For 1.6.4


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