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Elemental Essences Mod 1.7.10


What Is Elemental Essences?

Elemental Essences has been my first experience with modding Minecraft, and as such, the features currently in this mod are not the most interesting features. This will change in time as I learn more about modding and about Java, as I have big plans for the mod which will be outlined in a spoiler at the end of this post. The basic concept of this mod is to demonstrated the interconnectedness of everything, as well as the influence ones mind has on their perception of reality, and by extension, reality itself. This concept is popularized by many philosophies and religious believes, and I intend to incorporate them into the mod, and create a very interesting perspective on their prospects.
Currently the main feature that this mod provides is through crafting recipes. Similar to Magical Crops in that you can create Minecraft resources by crafting modded resources into vanilla ones, however in an effort to deviate slightly until I have to modding knowledge to deviate further, ores instead of crops are used. These ores, can, through a series of refinement processes, be converted into any Minecraft resource. This is a simple feature that was very easy to implement and provides a backbone for me to work on new features.

Getting Started







Essence Use


Crafting With Runes




Creating a Wither Spawner in Survival!




  • Added new item called Rite of Transmutation – allows you to change between different types of saplings, crops, skulls, dyes, etc.
  • Many changes to textures. More texture changes will occur in the next update.
  • Added Cognition ore and Tabula Rosa, which are now used in crafting of the runes
  • Decreased the spawn rate of all ores – decreased the amount of essence per smelting operation to one, this may change later


 For 1.7.10


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