Electrodynamics Mod 1.6.4/1.6.2

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Electrodynamics Mod 1.6.4


Electrodynamics adds some very unique game mechanics that will both challenge the player as well as immerse them in a whole new world of ore processing.


Electrodynamics Mod

The Clean Room

Electrodynamics Mod

The process of manufacturing of silicon chips contains numerous steps that could all be botched because of a single stray particle. Due to the high risk of damage to the chip, the manufacturing process must take place in a room that has next to no particles in the air: the Clean Room.

This is a class one clean room and contains air that is 1000 times purer than hospital air. With the advanced air purifier, the air in the clean room is able to be reduced to a mere 100 particles per cubic meter. The process of eliminating particles in the air greatly reduces the chance of producing a dead chip.

To create a clean room you must build four solid walls and a ceiling out of chemically cleaned iron blocks. You may place glass blocks or clean room doors anywhere on the walls as long as there are no holes to the outside world. On one of the walls you must place the remote link panel and a minimum of one air purifier. The more air purifiers the room contains, the less likely the chance of a dead chip.

Electrodynamics Mod

Electrodynamics Mod

Installation Electrodynamics Mod

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge installer
  • Download Electrodynamics Mod
  • Put jar file into your /.minecraft/mods folder
  • Done




  • Smashing table now renders damage overlay to indicate damage (WIP, snuck into this release)


  • Fixed Treetap crashing on placement and corrupting world
  • Fixed issues with ores mimicking blacklisted blocks


* Sintering Oven now requires heat and time to smelt properly
* Thermometer now shows requested machine heat as well as current heat
* Ores now prevented from mimicking any block registered as an ore
** Also blacklisted Thaumcraft ores
* 9 small silicon dust can be crafted into one normal silicon dust
* Sieve has a 5% chance to drop sand/gravel if sifting grinding
* Sand can be sifted into fine sand
* Added stone -> cobble -> gravel -> sand smashing recipe
* Added various modded/vanilla block sieve recipes

* Brittle Limestone now registered in Ore Dictionary as cobblestone
* Rubber Wood logs now registered in Ore Dictionary as normal wood logs
* Rubber Wood logs now give four oak planks when placed in crafting table
* Pot light recipe now yields four instead of one
* Most recipes now look for ore dictionary equivalents (anything missing should be reported)

  • Updated to MC 1.6.4
  • Fix: Wormwood drops.

  • Hotfixes!

– Added graphite ore, dust, grindings
– Added basic anvil block (shift-click on vanilla anvil with hammer)
– Moved all world gen over to feature system
-Allows for all worldgen to be configured
– RETRO GEN! Enable in the EDXFeatures.cfg file
– Ores now blend in with the stone around them, giving automatic support for Underground Biomes, etc
– Added pot lights
– Right click on a block to place, shift-click with a hammer to remove
– Break supporting block to remove all
– Right click with any dye to dye the light

– Tweaked internal hand-sieve code to prevent issues
– Sintering Oven now only used for alloy smelting
– Configuration settings now synced between client and server if not SSP
– Changed textures for rubber wood, leaves, sapling, wolframite
– Removed blue/green stone
– Changed handsieve inventory texture
– Tweaked sintering oven render
– Restricted metal tray slot to dusts
– Tweaked kiln model
– Changed voidstone animation texture to reduce file size
– Changed voidstone gen to look more magical
– Changed voidstone render to look more magical

Bug Fixes:
– Removed ability to chain actuators
– Various localization bugs
– Fixed crash on shift-click with glass jar/hand sieve
– Fixed bug with handsieve not returning proper amount
– Worldgen majorly improved
– Fixed issues with wormwood drops
– Slowed down wormwood growth speed to match vanilla
– Preventing bugs with worldgen by restricting gen on flatlands/BoP promised land
– Fixed lithium clay gen
– Fixed wolframite gen

Download Electrodynamics Mod

For 1.6.4


Old version


For 1.6.2





  • CyanideX – Lead concept and texture artist, graphic and web designer.
  • Dmillerw – Lead programmer and repo manager.
  • Hawkye – Part time dev / bugfixer for Electrodynamics.
  • Xhamolk_ – Programmer for multiblock APIs and rendering.
  • MrAbow – 3D Modeller and texture artist.
  • Odiefrom – Electrodynamics consultant.
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