DragoonJarvisCraft Mod 1.7.10

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DragoonJarvisCraft Mod 1.7.10


  • Piggy Dimension- has a million pigs and pork galore!!
  • Dragoon Dimension- has a vast land for you to explore!


  • Dragoon Bow- Explodes wherever your arrow hits!
  • Teleporting Bow- Teleports the player wherever the arrow hits
  • Piggy Bow- spawns a pig when shot!
  • Tree Planting Bow- stuck underground with no wood? No worries, use you tree planting Bow to give you some wood on the spot!
  • Jarvis Sword- Does 14 Attack Damage on an entity.
  • Dragoon Pistol- Requires Bullets to shoot and does 8 attack damage on contact.
  • Dragoon AK-47- Requires bullets to shoot and does 17 attack damage per shot.(can shoot continuously)
  • DragoonJarvis Sniper: Requires bullets to shoot. Does 26 damage on contact.


  • Dragoon Pickaxe- Does 7 Attack Damage. Stronger Than Diamond.
  • Dark Dragoon Pickaxe: Does 11 Attack Damage: Stronger than Dragoon Pickaxe.
  • Swordpickshovaxe: Cannot mine ores and stone but shoots arrows and can easily chop down trees and dig dirt.
  • Jarvis Axe: Better than diamond but not as good as the Swordpickshovaxe.
  • Dragoon Igniter: Ignites the Portal To the Dragoon Dimension!
  • Pork Igniter: Ignites the portal to the Pork Lands!


  • This mod adds six new mobs
  • Herobrine
  • Singher
  • DragoonJarvis Knight
  • DragoonJarvis Assassin
  • Darkness Creeper
  • Pigbrine Guardian


  • All better than Diamond Armor
  • Dragoon Armor
  • Jarvis Armor
  • Obsidian Armor (Boots shoot unlimited arrows!)
  • Dark Dragoon Armor(Strongest)


  • Dragoon Apple(Better that OP Golden Apple)
  • Apple Juice- Give Strength IV when Drank
  • Also, some other miscellaneous items!!

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For 1.7.10


Author: TheDragoonJarvis

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