Dragon Survival Map 1.7.10

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Dragon Survival is custom terrain map with Mainland and other worlds, where you can go only by nether portals.


Here is the begin of your play. You can find here three portals to other worlds, custom and default nether.

Custom terrain:

  • Huge mountains with obsidian, lava, stone and snow
  • Desert with colorful clay
  • Caves
  • Dark site with black wool
  • Terrain with purple clay


To go there, you have to find portal on Mainland. Entrance to default Nether is behind worlds. Let’s check custom terrain in Nether with mountains, glowstone trees, secret things and… Dragons!


You can see here a part of my old project – big floating tree with small islands around with glowstone.


Lot of ice and snow. Maybe there’s not a lot of buildings but if you’ll search closely, You’ll find something.


The biggest dragon on DS. You can get there only by portal.


This world is full of mountains, you have to build here your castle (look at the missions). To get there you need to find bridge.

Size of map:

  • Mainland 2215 x 2048 blocks
  • Bonus World 384 blocks (circle)
  • Frostland ~ 480 blocks (circle)
  • Jungle World 450 blocks (circle)


  • 1. Find Dragon Statue in obsidian mountains, next find there a chest with wood in it. Build a house with only this wood
  • 2. Build a depository
  • 3. Destroy 10 Dragon Skulls
  • 4. Go to the top of Dragon Tower
  • 5. Find cave with grass in obsidian mountains
  • 6. Find Dark Dragon
  • 7. Find entrance to default nether
  • 8. Build a bridge between obsidian mountains
  • 9. Find Jungle World
  • 10. Find Deserted Mine
  • 11. Find Special Dragon Egg with wings
  • 12. Destroy 10 Dragon eggs
  • 13. Put a block of diamond on all Dragon Statues (5)
  • 14. Find Frostland
  • 15. Find Portal to Custom Nether
  • 16. Find Dragon Skeleton and burry it (Cover by dirt)
  • 17. Make campfire in 5 caves with netherrack
  • 18. Build a pyramid on Dragon Skeleton’s grave
  • 19. Find Dragon with teeth
  • 20. Find Small Island with black Dragon
  • 21. Build something on water with glass, purple clay, and black wool (20x20x40H)
  • 22. Find Mechanic Dragon
  • 23. Find 3 Chests in Mechanic Dragon
  • 24. Light up Mechanic Dragon by torches
  • 25. Cut down Jungle tree on island above Dark Dragon
  • 26. Find 50 chests
  • 27. Find glistering melon in chests
  • 28. Make saddle on Little Flying Dragon
  • 29. Find bridge to Bonus World
  • 30. Build a Castle in Bonus World with 4 towers
  • 31. Find 5 chests in Bonus World
  • 32. Put creeper head
  • 33. Put pumpkin on your head
  • 34. Find Small Castle with Green Dragon
  • 35. Get a chain helmet
  • 36. Build a garden in Frostland
  • 37. Build a Tower with stone and stone bricks in Frostland
  • 38. Build an Igloo in frostland
  • 39. Find corridor with flowers
  • 40. Find tree in Frostland
  • 41. Get Mossy Stone
  • 42. Plant Dark Spruce tree
  • 43. Plant Acacia tree
  • 44. Shoot fireworks on 5 dragons




















Map Trailer:


  • Don’t make your nether portals!
  • Don’t cross the bedrock line.
  • Don’t cross any map border
  • Don’t cheat.
  • Don’t use Reis Minimap mod
  • Play on easy/ medium/ hard

How to install:

  • Download the map.
  • Extract file.
  • Go to %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/saves folder.
  • Drag map folder into it.
  • Start minecraft.
  • Enjoy and play.

Map Download Links:

Survival Mode: http://adf.ly/rpiay

Creative Mode: http://adf.ly/rooti

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