Dr. Cyano’s Lootable Bodies Mod 1.8

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Dr. Cyano’s Lootable Bodies Mod


This mod protects your items from despawning when you die by storing them on a dead body that you can later loot to get your stuff back. Your dead body is unharmed by fire, explosions, and falling, with configurations options to make your lootable bodies completely invulnerable (or more vulnerable, if you so choose). Simply right-click on a dead body to access its inventory. Use a shovel to dispose of your body after you looted it (3 hits with a shovel will remove the body).

Save Your Inventory When You Die

When you die, this mod spawns a corpse (with your player skin, unless fancy corpses are disabled) and puts all of your inventory on the corpse. Damageable items suffer some damage (configurable), bit will never be destroyed. Even near-by items on the ground are sucked into your corpse, just in case you accidentally threw your sword at the zombie when you meant to attack it (D’oh!).

In the following sequence of images, my character gets killed by a Creeper and then loots his own dead body to get his stuff back.

Your lootable body is fire-proof, explosion-proof, and fall-proof by default.

Not damaged by lava (although keep in mind that dead bodies don’t float):

Here is my body right before a TNT explosion…

…and right after.

Disposing Bodies
Hitting a body 3 times with a shovel will dispose it, dropping any equipment it has still on it. Damaging the body with other damage sources will also destroy it, unless the corpse_indestructible=true option is set in the config file (see Configuration Options below).

Configuration Options
corpse_HP This is the number of half-hearts of damage that needs to be dealt to the body to destroy it. Ifcorpse_indestructible=true, then only a shovel can destroy a body. Default is 50 (25 hearts).

corpse_indestructible If this option is set to true, then all damage is prevented to the body. This means that the only way to get rid of a body is to use a shovel (which will destroy a body after 3 hits, no matter how much health it has). This option is false by default.

use_player_skin If true, dead bodies use the skins of their former selves. If false, dead bodies are skeletons.

corpse_fireproof If true, corpses are not destroyed by fire or lava. If false, then your dead body is flammable. Default is true.

corpse_blastproof If true, corpses are not destroyed by explosions. If false, then your dead body can be blown-up by a creeper. Default is true.

corpse_fallproof If true, corpses are not destroyed by falling. If false, then your dead body can be destroyed by being pushed off a tall cliff. Default is true.

item_damage_on_death Damage suffered by damageable items on death (you didn’t think that death was a free-ride, did you?). This item damage will never destroy an item, leaving it with 1 durability instead. You can set this value to 0 if you don’t want item damage on death, default is 32 durability damage.

Install Dr. Cyano’s Lootable Bodies Mod

1. Install the latest version of Forge mod loader
2. Download CyanosLootableBodies-X.X.X.jar
3. Put CyanosLootableBodies-X.X.X.jar in the mods folder of your Minecraft install (created by Forge when you first run it)

Download Dr. Cyano’s Lootable Bodies Mod

For 1.8


Author: DrCyano

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