Demigods bukkit plugins for minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2

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Demigods bukkit plugins 1.6.4

This is the BukkitDev page for Demigods, a full RPG experience designed to bring an endgame to survival/PvP servers.

Not to be confused with other RPG plugins that focus on skills and classes alone- this adds culture and conflict that will keep players coming back after they’ve maxed out their other levels and found all the diamond deposits in a 50 km radius. Demigods is unique in its system of rewarding players for both adventuring (tributes) and conquering (PvP) with a wide array of fun and useful skills. Re-enact mythological battles and rise from a Demigod to a fully fledged Olympian as you ally yourself with the Gods or Titans and battle to the bitter end!


To install, simply place Demigods.jar in your plugins folder and run the server. That’s it. Everything else is handled automatically.


Version 2.3.7 and Newer

New with version 2.3.7 is the /dg update command. Users with the ‘demigods.admin’ permission node will be able to update the server, at any time, by using this command and following the on screen instructions.

The server will no longer automatically reload after an update is complete, the server operator will be required to reload the server manually as a safeguard against update errors.

If you would like to disable the automatic updates, or update notifications, change the updateand update_notify settings (in the config.yml) respectively.

Older Versions

If you choose to allow auto-updates, the plugin will automatically download the latest file from BukkitDev, and then reload the server. If you do not want this to happen, set the update setting (in the config.yml) to false.


Key features of this plugin include:

Deities: Each deity has a passive ability, one or two active abilities, and one ultimate. The power of their skills is determined by Devotion, a unique measure of how much a player favors that deity. Devotion can be gained by combat, mining for rare ores, and tributing.

Shrines: A player can make one shrine per deity they own. Shrines can be tributed at as well as teleported to.

Health: HP is a fundamental mechanic of Minecraft – each player has 10 hears/20 HP, and is limited to this amount. In Demigods, all players with deities can have any amount of health, up to the thousands, which is scaled to display in the health bar.

Favor: Favor is limited to a cap that can be raised by tributing. Favor is spent on Demigods skills, and is regenerated over time.

Still confused? Watch an introduction to the Demigods mechanics on YouTube!


Demigods 2 is licensed under the AGPL. All downloads with a version number beginning with a 2 are subject to said license.

Demigods 3 is licensed under the Artistic License 2.0. All downloads with a version number starting with a 3 are subject to said license.

Download Demigods bukkit plugins

For 1.6.4

For 1.6.2


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