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Dark Roleplay Mod 1.8


Dark Roleplay is a Work in Progress RPG Mod.

It’s currently not nearly completed I would say it’s only 9% Done (of all Planed Features)
You are able to find a better description on the mod site: http://dark-roleplay.jimdo.com/

It Adds Currently 41 Block

• Chopping Block
• 2 Different Firepits
• Grindstone
• Cauldron on a Firepit
• Crate
• Dungeon Chest
• 2 Mugs (Empty and filled with Beer)
• Pear and Apple Blocks (Different Colors)
• 2 Mushroom Blocks
• 3 Different Buckets
• A Chain and a Rope
• 2 Different Barrels
• 2 Pieces of a Hanging Bridge
• A Book block
• Cauldron
• Hook
• Trainings Dummy

• And much more

Thats most of the Blocks which are added by the Mod if you wan’t to see a Full content list visit the Mod website.

This Mod will also contain much new Food (Currently 2 new stews 2 new Apple and a Pear)
└ and also a new Cooking system but thats Work in Progress






Download Dark Roleplay Mod

For 1.8



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