Custom Main Menu Mod 1.8/1.7.10

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Custom Main Menu Mod


This mod allows you to modify the main menu using a json file, you can modify the content / location of text and button elements. You can also move the splash text, configure the panorama background and add / move static images to the menu (Like the minecraft title).


After your first run with this mod the only difference you should notice is that there is an additional button added in your main menu. If you look in the config/CustomMainMenu folder you will notice a file called menu.json. In there you will see all elements the vanilla main menu has, modifying the content and pressing the refresh button ingame will allow you to instantly see what changes you made (You can remove this button once you are happy with your result). Everything in there should be fairly self explanatory if you have ever worked with json files. You can add/ edit / remove buttons, add / edit / remove texts and add / edit / remove images. More in depth guides will follow once this mod is “finished”.

Information (Fairly technical)

Button Propertys:
  • text” : the text that is displayed on the button (A language key or just normal text)
  • hoverText” : the text that is displayed on the button when the users hovers over it  (A language key or just normal text)
  • “posX” : x-coordinate of the button
  • “posY” : y-coordinate of the button
  • “width” : width of the button
  • “height” : height of the button,
  • “imageWidth” : width of the button in the image (default: height),
  • “imageHeight” : height of the button in the image (default: width),
  • texture” : (optional) a resource location that will be used as a custom texture for this button. The image has to contain a normal and a hover version of the button. This is an example for a 200×20 button.
  • “normalTextColor” : (optional) a rgb color integer for the normal text color of the button
  • “hoverTextColor” : (optional) a rgb color integer for the text color of the button when the mouse is above it
  • “alignment” : (optional) see Alignment for information
  • “tooltip” : (optional) a tooltip that will be displayed when the user hovers over this button
  • “link” : (optional) The link this button will open when clicked (Only applies to custom buttons)
  • “wrappedButton” : (optional) Setting this will let this button act like the one with this button id.
Image Propertys:
  • “posX” : x-coordinate of the image
  • “posY” : y-coordinate of the image
  • “width” : width of the image
  • “height” : height of the image
  • image” : resource location for the actual image
  • “alignment” : (optional) see Alignment for information
Text Propertys:
  • text” : the text 😛 (Can contain color codes)
  • hoverText” : the text when the users hovers over it (Can contain color codes)
  • “posX” : x-coordinate of the text
  • “posY” : y-coordinate of the text
  • “color” : a rgb integer for the color of the text (Color codes override this),
  • “hoverColor” : (optional) a rgb integer for the color of the text when the user hovers over it (Color codes override this),
  • “link” : (optional) When you set this to a web link the link will be opened when the user clicks this text.
  • “alignment” : (optional) see Alignment for information
Splash Text Propertys:
  • “posX” : x-coordinate of the splash text
  • “posY” : y-coordinate of the splash text
  • “color” : a rgb integer for the color of the splash text
  • “alignment” : (optional) see Alignment for information
Panorama Propertys:
  • images” : The location of the 6 images that make up the panorama. %c will be replaced by 0-5 to get the paths to the 5 images.
  • “blur” : Whether the panorama is supposed to be blurred.
  • “gradient” : Whether there should be a white to black gradient across the panorama.
Background Propertys:
  • image” : The location of the background image
  • “mode” : (optional) This can be “fill”,”stretch”,”center” or “tile”. See Background Modes for more information.
  • “slideshow” : (optional) see below
Slideshow Propertys:
  • “images” : An array of the images that will appear in the slideshow
  • “displayDuration” : The time in ticks an image will stay before fading to the next one
  • “fadeDuration” : The time in ticks it takes to fade between 2 images

All cursive propertys allow a random value. Example: “text” : [“Text1″,”Text2″,”Text3″,”Text4”]. One of the values will be selected randomly every minecraft run.

You can add new buttons,images and texts.

For the texture / image property it takes a resource location. You can add your own ones using either a resource pack or Resource Loader (easier).


The options for alignment are : “bottom_left”,”bottom_right”,”top_left”,”top_right”,”button”,”center”,”top_center”,”left_center”,”bottom_center”,”right_center”. If you don’t know whats alignment is it’s basically where the element is “attached” to.

Mod-Added Buttons

By default all buttons that are added by other mods will be removed, however you can add a button with this mod that will “wrap” and therefore act as the button it represents. To do this you just have to set the “wrappedButton” property to the button id of the button you wanna simulate. If you don’t know that button id you can go in your latest fml client log and search for “use a wrapped button to config this”. Custom Main Menu prints every mod added buttons id s to the console. Example for Version Checker button: Pastebin

 Background Modes

The mode property of the background tells the mod how it is supposed to fit the background image in the minecraft window. “fill” will keep the aspect ratio of the image and will make sure that the image covers the whole screen, to do that it will cut off parts of the image if it is not possible otherwise. “stretch” will resize the image so that it fits the whole window, it does not keep the aspect ratio of the image. “center” will simply place the image in the center of the screen, if it’s too large it will be cut off, if it’s to small there will be black borders. “tile” will fill the window with a grid of the specified image, this is useful for backgrounds that display a certain texture.

Placeholder Strings

The following strings can be used in custom texts and will be replaced by certain data:

  • “#mcversion#” : The MC Version
  • “#fmlversion#” : The FML Version
  • “#mcpversion#” : The MCP Version
  • “#modsloaded#” : Amount of mods loaded
  • “#modsactive#” : Amount of mods active




  • Fixed: “left_center” alignment working like “right_center”
  • Fixed: Wrapped Buttons (Work already :/)


  • Added: #username# as a String placeholder
  • Changed: hoverImage for Images now allows web images & random images
  • Fixed: Config Folder not being selected properly sometimes
  • Fixed: Wrapped Buttons not working

Download Custom Main Menu Mod

For 1.8

Old version

For 1.7.10

Author: Lumien

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