Crafting Suite Mod 1.6.4

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Crafting Suite Mod 1.6.4

Crafting Suite is a follow up on my original mod, Project Bench. It brings back the Project Bench, but also expands upon the original idea of it. Now the player will be able to have a more personalized experience with the benches in their world, both functionally and aesthetically. You’ll have access to many things, from crafting benches that will hold onto their inventory rather than drop it, and benches that will have additional storage space that they can craft from.

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The Modification Table is the root of the entire mod at this point. It is the one stop shop for building and upgrading your benches to meet the variable needs you have. Aside from some fancy rendering, it will take and combine your components into the finalized bench. For now, it only has recipes for the original Project Bench, but more will come

Using the Modification Table

Its basic use is this:

  • Place either an already constructed bench to upgrade, or the initial modifier for the type of bench you would like to create in the first slot. This can be thought of as the base item on which you will build. This part is required.
  • Under the Modifier section, you can place one of two types of items, either planks, which decide the appearance of the bench (partially) or a tools modifier (if upgrading a pre existing bench). Nifty note: any plank that is properly registered with Forge will work in here, so colors galore! You will see examples of a handful of forestry planks.
  • Finally, in the Aesthetics section you can, as of this writing, place one or two of two types of items. Most importantly, you can place carpet, which defines the top most color of the bench along with a portion of its sides. There are 15 colors to choose from, so just choose any carpet color you desire! Next you may also choose to add a block of clay. Adding clay will modify the table so that there is a render above it showing the current crafting recipe output. (Why clay? I think of moulding).

Once you decide on the modifiers to add and are ready to craft, you may want to hold shift over the Craft button to see what the table is going to consume in its recipe.

Now you may click craft and the table will get to work on crafting, it takes about 10 seconds to craft. During this time you may gaze fondly at the render in the bench, or take a step back from the table and watch as your new bench rises triumphantly from the table. Or just space out and not enjoy those features which I put effort into.
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Any time there is a valid recipe in the Modification Table it will show in the right hand corner of the GUI what the final product will look like. Note that some modifiers have no effect on the render displayed on the right (for instance the Tools Modifier, or clay).
– Hold shift over the Craft button to see the recipe it’s using.
– Extraneous items in the inventory may hinder your crafting ability.
– You won’t be able to craft another bench if there is a result still in the slot that differs from the new recipe.


Modification Table:
Crafting Modifier:
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Holding Modifier:
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Storing Modifier:
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Tools Modifier:
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Download Crafting Suite Mod 1.6.4

Credits: _bau5

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