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Crafting Dead Mod 1.5.2


Crafting Dead Mod 1.5.2

Crafting Dead adds a ton of new features into minecraft, survive the night a different way, alone or with a friend with guns and new weapons!


  • Adds Custom Zombies with special AI!
  • Adds in new Weapons such as guns and melee weapons!
  • Player SMP with your friends!
  • Find loot in custom structures!
  • Adds in a new water system and mechanics!
  • Keeps track of your kills and deaths!
  • Play on HUGE multiplayer servers or alone in singeplayer!


Crafting Dead Had some SERIOUS updates!




Install Crafting Dead Mod 1.5.2


  1. Download the Technic Laucnher!
  2. Run the launcher and click add new modpack!
  3. Go here: Crafting Dead
  4. Copy the Platform URL
  5. Paste it into the add modpack section!
  6. Add modpack and launch it! Done!

 Download Crafting Dead Mod 1.5.2

For 1.5.2 (Crafting Dead Server Starter Kit)


Author: f3rullo14

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