CraftBook Plugin 1.7.2/1.6.4

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CraftBook Plugin 1.7.2

CraftBook adds a number of new mechanics to Minecraft with no client mods required. As one of Minecraft’s oldest mods/plugins, we were the first to bring you Minecraft computers, Redstone ICs, moving bridges, and more!

CraftBook is FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE! Every feature of this plugin can be disabled, allowing you to just use what you want without the other features even getting loaded, allowing you to have a lightweight plugin that does exactly what you want! Does CraftBook have features you don’t want? Disable them and it will act as if they don’t even exist, they won’t even impact performance in the slightest!

Short list of a few awesome things CraftBook can do!

  • Add a powerful configuration to disable or tweak every feature of the plugin to your liking!
  • Add new Redstone ICs (AND/OR gates, lightning striker gates)
  • Add elevators to your server so people can jump between floors quickly (Or smoothly, if you choose so)
  • Add working cauldrons so players can cook inside them
  • Add your own custom crafting recipes
  • Add hidden switches for players
  • Add Minecart booster blocks and more
  • Add switchable areas and bridges
  • Add chairs you can sit on
  • Add working pipes that can transfer items from place to place!
  • Add footprints where your players walk!
  • Add mobs and player’s heads as their drops.
  • Add the ability to bind comman

asic Feature List (Check the wiki for more!)

You’ll find in CraftBook, as a sampling (There are more features! Check the wiki!):

  • Common
    • Per-Player Language Selection.
    • Advanced Variable System (Allows for dynamic setups, changable with CommandBlocks)
  • Mechanisms
    • AI Improvements for Mobs
    • Ammeters
    • BetterLeads (Lead improvements)
    • Bridges
    • Cauldrons
    • Chairs (Requires ProtocolLib!)
    • Chunk Anchors (Keep chunk loaded)
    • Command Items – Bind Commands to Items with Cooldowns, Delays, Permissions.
    • Cooking pots (Allows for mass cooking)
    • Custom Crafting/Furnace recipes (Supports names/lores/enchants/etc)
    • Custom Mob/Block drops
    • Dispenser recipes
    • Doors
    • Elevators (Option to smoothly move the player)
    • Footprints for players (Require ProtocolLib)
    • Gates
    • Head Drops for players and monsters
    • Hidden switches
    • Light switches
    • Marquee signs (Display text when sign is right clicked)
    • Painting Switcher using mouse scroll wheel
    • Payment triggered redstone (Requires Vault)
    • Readable bookshelves
    • Sign Copier – Mass Copy/Edit/Modify signs.
    • Snow piling and realistic snow movement
    • Toggle areas (advanced toggle doors and bridges)
    • TreeLopper – Cut down an entire tree with one swing, and auto-plant a sapling.
  • Redstone
    • Pipes
    • Integrated circuits (Able to do many many tasks, from Playing Music, sensing many different things, setting blocks to automating a farm. See wiki for more info)
    • Programmable logic chips
    • Custom Integrated circuits
    • Redstone pumpkins
    • Redstone netherstone
    • Ammeter
  • Vehicle features
    • Minecart Features
      • Booster blocks
      • Brake blocks
      • Reverse blocks
      • Ejector blocks
      • Chest-storage minecart transfer blocks
      • Station blocks
      • Sort blocks
      • Message announcer block
      • Minecart dispensers
      • Change minecart behavior
      • Teleporters
      • Elevators
      • Pressure Plates as Intersections


Installation CraftBook Plugin 1.7.2/1.6.4

Bukkit is currently required.

  1. Install WorldEdit first. (DON’T FORGET THIS)
  2. Download CraftBook and copy the .jar into plugins/.
  3. Run your server once to generate the files.
  4. Edit plugins/CraftBook/config.yml to your liking.
  5. Restart the server for the settings to take effect.

CraftBook Plugin Changelogs:


  • Added messages to payment mechanic to show transaction errors.
  • Added redstone support to Improved Cauldrons.
  • Added AntiCheat Compatability.
  • Performance improvements for sign related clicks.
  • Performance improvements in all events.
  • Fixed a pipe dupe bug.
  • Fixed /sign erroring when not enabled, instead of saying it is not enabled.
  • Fixed gates transmutating types between signs.
  • Fixed potential dupe bug caused by other plugins handling boat removals.
  • Fixed diagonals with TreeLopper.


  • Fixed an error with CommandSigns.
  • Fixed CommandItems ingame creator requiring uppercase for sneak state.
  • Fixed BetterLeads causing errors with numerous mobs.
  • Fixed a few performance issues with LanguageManager.
  • Added radius/offset to MessageSender IC.
  • Fixed a LightSwitch bug.
  • More changes towards removing Item ID dependency.
  • Allowed bridges to work with signs on the side of the bridge, instead of only on top of/below.


  • Converted most of the ‘Mechanics’ portion of CraftBook to use the new mechanics system. There are still a fair few mechanics to port over.
  • Added an option to disable/enable CommandSigns via redstone.
  • Fixed an error with Languages scan feature.
  • Added a ‘keep-on-death’ CommandItem option.
  • Added an option to TreeLopper to also break leaves.
  • Fixed all mob EntityType’s seeing players as mobs.
  • Gay porn (Joke courtesy of mau5ie)
  • Added support for named entities to mob drops. (Using | to seperate name)

Download CraftBook Plugin 1.7.2/1.6.4

For 1.7.2

For 1.6.4

Old version


  • sk89q
  • Me4502
  • TheExcel
  • TexasGamer
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