Craft++ Mod 1.7.10

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Craft++ Mod

Craft++ is a very simple mod designed to improve vanilla Minecraft.

New Storage Blocks

Craft++ adds storage blocks for flint, sugar, and charcoal.
They can be crafted out of/into their ingredients at a 9:1 ratio.

New Drops

Living entities drop their name tags on death.
When wolves and ocelots kill sheep and chickens, the meat is not dropped (since the attackers eat the meat  ).
Bats drop 1 leather.
Enderman drop the block they are holding.
Creepers have a 1/10 chance of dropping 1 TNT, and nothing else.


You can throw ender pearls in creative mode.
Creepers and baby zombies burn in daylight (just like skeletons/normal zombies).
You can shear name tags right off living entities.
You can throw seeds onto farmland, and they will plant themselves after a 2.5-5 second delay of laying on it.
Wool can be crafted back into 4 string.
Falling blocks (e.g. sand, gravel) can be dispensed out of dispensers.
Flint and steel no longer have special dispenser behavior.
When planted, seeds and nether wart will make grass sounds when broken.
The fire step sound is changed from wool to fire.
Command blocks can be found in the redstone tab.
Stone and wooden buttons have different names in the inventory.
You can fish paper, but no longer tripwire hooks.
Stone tools are crafted out of stone rather than cobblestone.
Stairs only need 3 rather than 6 of the source block to craft.
1 plank/stone = 4 buttons.

Most of the functionality you would want to change is configurable (e.g. command blocks in the redstone tab is a no-no for server owners).

Install Craft++ Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Download the mod.
  3. Go to %appdata%.
  4. Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  5. If the “modsfolder does not exist you can create one.
  6. Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  7. Enjoy the mod.

Download Craft++ Mod

For 1.7.10

Author: Anon10W1z

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