Cops and Robbers 3 Map for Minecraft

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Cops and Robbers 3 Map

Cops and Robbers 3 map remakes of the minigame in Halo 3! Use skype/teamspeak or any other voice communication program to play.

Round three begins. Join the robbers as they try and escape the prison. However… The cop can kill them at anytime. Can they and find a way to escape!


The Jailroom

The Corridors

The Yard



  • There is 1 cop, he tells the robbers what to do, anything from making them go to the mess hall to eat, to going to the showers. The robbers must obey and do as he says, or be punished. However, while doing so, the robbers must also find the way to escape without the cop getting too suspicious.
  • It is recommended that you play with friends as there are many “honor rules”, meaning it is very easy to cheat, but you’re a dick if you do.



  • Now recognises when all prisoners have escaped, announcing when the game is over. Get to the ship to escape!
  • Completely revamped map, built by Mithrintia!
  • Setting: Alcatraz, A dark and gloomy island for the worst of the worst convicts.
  • A second way to escape, see if you can discover it for yourself!!nFgkyB6D!D0X-Uk7ToGkP5HCQ6eKe_iQ201dTvlbvfOCuHt6oOMY

Credits: Podcrash

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