Compass Navigation Plugin 1.7.4/1.6.2

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Compass Navigation Plugin 1.7.4

What is Compass Navigation?

Compass Navigation is a very impressive teleportation plugin!
It was originally developed for a private server but, they insisted I shared it with you!

Right click with a compass in your hand, a chest GUI will open. Alternatively, right-click a [Teleport] sign, or use the /compass command. All of those are configurable.

The config allows for LOTS of customization, including:

  • Size of chest GUI
  • Name of chest GUI
  • Items representing teleports
  • Names of items representing teleports
  • Colours of names of items representing teleports
  • Descriptions, a.k.a lores
  • BungeeCord server teleportation
  • Essentials warps as teleportation location
  • Price of using the teleport
  • Enchantment glow
  • All teleportation locations including yaw and pitch

When an item is pressed, it will teleport you to the location in the config.

Other features:

  • The inventory cannot be edited in compass mode. No deleting or stealing items.
  • Only teleports in compass mode. No glitches / cheats in normal game.
  • Very advanced/customizable.
  • Ingame setup command.
  • WorldGuard, Vault and ProtocolLib integration!

|Ingame pictures |Usage (Install)

To install, just place the jar into your plugins folder and either reload or restart the server. Edit the config as shown below!

Compass Navigation can be setup either ingame or in the config. We’d recommend setting it up ingame because it’s easier and reduces the chances of errors however, some things may need to be setup via the config.

See Commands to see how to setup in game. |Commands

There are three commands:

  • /compassnav help – Get command help
  • /compassnav reload – Reload the plugin’s configuration
  • /compassnav setup – Set up your compasses’ slots ingame!
  • /compassnav update – Check for updates manually Permissions

By default, players now have “compassnav.use” and “compassnav.sign.use”, which allows them to use the compass. Full list of permissions:

  • compassnav.use – Just to use the compass (gives all teleports/warps).
  • compassnav.use.slot.<slotnumber> – Exempt this permission to prevent usage of a specific slot
  • compassnav.admin – To use all admin commands.
    • – To be able to get command help
    • compassnav.admin.reload – To reload the plugin’s configuration
    • compassnav.admin.setup – To set up compass slots ingame
    • compassnav.admin.sign – To set up [Teleport] signs
      • compassnav.admin.sign.create: To create [Teleport] signs
    • compassnav.admin.update – To check for updates
  • compassnav.perks – To use all perks
    •<slotnumber> – Bypass the economy price for a specific slot
    • compassnav.perks.use.region – Bypass the WorldGuard region flag
    • – Bypass the disabled worlds list.
    • compassnav.perks.cooldownprevent – Bypass the PvP cooldown
  • compassnav.sign.use – To use signs

Disabling compasses with WorldGuard

To use the WorldGuard system, first create a region:

  • /region define [region-name]

Now to disable compasses in that region just set the “compass” flag to deny:

  • /region flag [region-name] compass deny

That’s all you need to do!




  • Updated dependencies to latest developmental builds
  • Added unicode character support: Read more
  • Added messages on click, use the “messages” option which is a list of messages with dashes
  • Added ability to change the /cn help message
  • Added console messages when the plugin cannot function properly due to a configuration issue or not at all.

Bug fixes:

  • Removed useless replacing that somehow spilled into the code

Under the hood:

  • Fixed Maven compilation and put correct groupId and artifactId
  • Switched from GitHub to BitBucket
  • Changed character encoding to UTF-8
  • Changed package name from org.salvagecraft.CompassNavigation tocom.denialmc.compassnavigation.

Download Compass Navigation Plugin 1.7.4/1.6.2

For 1.7.2

For 1.6.4


  • Adzwoolly
  • DenialMC
  • andrewabosh
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