CommuMod 1.7.10

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CommuMod 1.7.10

It adds three ores, armor and tools for them, and their own blocks with special abilities. There is also the superibumTNT (like mining TNT)along with the superbiumTorch(acts like redstone torch) and superbium Dust(acts like redstone). The good thing about this is that the user (yes YOU) gets a say in what you want next.


The three ores generated in are called Aradactite Ore, Superbium Ore, and Ruby ore. Superbium Ore drops dust which can be used as redstone, or you can just smelt it into superbium ingots for making tools, armor, and the block.
Aradactite Ore:

Superbium Ore:

Planned features:

(Order in which they will come out)
What ever you guys want (post in comments below)

Aradactite and Superbium Golems
– New block called the ‘Purifier’!
– Purifier can turn a Water Bucket into a Pure Water Bucket!
– New liquid, pure water! Pure water is lighter than normal water and flows faster aswell as pushes things faster!
– Purifier can turn Ender Pearls into Ender Dust!
– Mix Ender Dust with a Pure Water Bucket to get a Retaw Bucket!
– New liquid, Retaw (that’s ‘water’ backwards)! It flows up instead of down!
– Ender Dust can also be used to make a new type of TNT called ‘Hydrogen TNT’!
– Hydrogen TNT turns all blocks in its radius to stone and kills all mobs/players in its radius instantly instead of blowing up blocks!
walking pet potato that you can tame(maybe… I’ll try to get that working)
maybe remake The Zipline Mod, and/or port Derpy Squid Mod
second hot bar for tools
Flying Minecart
boat that can´t break(made from cobalt)
tic-tacs that give you speed

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Author: Endergriefer153

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