Combo Armors Addon for Industrial Craft 2 and Minecraft 1.5.2/1.4.7

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IndustrialCraft 2 Combo Armors, or IC2CA, is an addon for the IndustrialCraft 2 mod for Minecraft. Remember all those times you wanted to use your Electric Jetpack (because who doesn’t love to fly) but your Mining Laser was out of energy? Or maybe you wanted to recharge your Nano Saber and have some reasonable protection from a NanoSuit Chestplate at the same time? Well, as you may have guessed from my corny intro and the title, this mod adds many different items that allow you to do just that. You can combine all of the electrical armors from IC2 to create a wide variety of different armors, from the Solar QuantumSuit Helmet to the LapiJetpack to the Ultimate QuantumSuit Bodyarmor.

Also, currently in development is a cool upgrade system that will allow you to make your cool armors even cooler. From something as simple as a Solar Production module that will make a Solar Helmet more efficient, to something as cool as the Cloaking Module that allows you to turn invisible


Solar Quantum Helm, Ultimate Quantum Body, Exo Quantum Pants, and Static Quantum Boots:

Nano Quantum Helm, Ultimate Nano Body, Exo Nano Pants, and Static Nano Boots:

Cloaking Engine:

Discharge Module:

Nano Bow:


The recipes in this mod are modular, so it is not really necessary to list them all.

The first step to making any of the combo armors, as of this version (will be changed in future for balancing), is creating an ExoSuit. ExoSuits are versions of the normal IC2 armors with Upgrade Modules installed in them. In order to craft an ExoSuit, you must first make a number of the Upgrade Modules:

Combo Armors Addon

The number you need to make is dependent on which piece of armor you are upgrading. For this example, we’ll be making an Ultimate QuantumSuit Bodyarmor, and since chestplates traditionally need 8 of the material they are made from, we will need 8 upgrade modules.

Once we’ve gotten them, we can proceed in a number of ways. In order to make an Ultimate QuantumSuit Bodyarmor, we need 3 things- a Lappack, a Jetpack, and a QuantumSuit Bodyarmor. Only one of these needs the upgrade modules installed.

Combo Armors Addon

We now have an ExoLappack. From this point, you can simply proceed to install the other two pieces:

Combo Armors Addon

Alternatively, if you didn’t want to make the NanoSuit Chestplate yet, you could start off with a LapiJetpack and add the NanoSuit later on.

Combo Armors AddonCombo Armors Addon

The final step is to take our Ultimate NanoSuit Bodyarmor and upgrade it, using the normal QuantumSuit Bodyarmor recipe:

Combo Armors Addon

This finished product will have the power of all three of the items it started from. You can fly (only as well as a jetpack can, but there’s an upgrade for that), you can recharge your tools, and you will be protected from everything.

These recipes are modular. This means that if you are already rich enough to afford a QuantumSuit when you decide to make a Combo Armor, you can complete the steps leading up to the Ultimate NanoSuit, but with a QuantumSuit

Texture Pack: Sphax PureBDCraft


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download and install IndustrialCraft 2
  • Download Combo Armors Addon zip file
  • Put Combo Armors Addon zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done



  • Fixed a bug where jetpacks with high Max EU would be useless
  • Added config for jetpack EU Usage
  • Added config for turbine EU Usage
  • Added config for Nano Bow crafting

For 1.5.2

For 1.4.7


  • UnixRano: Project Head, Lead Coder, Artist, Design
  • MasterMan1010: Lead Artist, Design, Beta Tester
  • Ishaan1: Lead Wiki Design, Beta Tester, Test Server Owner
  • Kyogredude: Coder, Design, Beta Tester
  • DragnHntr: Lead Wiki Contributor, Wiki Moderator, Awesome Person
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