Colourful Portals Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

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Colourful Portals Mod 1.7.10

(version 1.4.1)


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Red Stained Clay Portal with Black Wool Corners

Green Wool Portal with White Wool Corners


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Colourful Water


Yellow Stained Clay Portal in Various Places:


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Twilight Forest


Bucket of Colourful Water (shapeless recipe)

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Stain Proof Bucket

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Uncrafting the Stain Proof Bucket

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Installation Colourful Portals Mod 

  1. Install Forge for Minecraft 1.6.4 .
  2. Download the Colourful Portals Mod from the link above.
  3. Go to your .minecraft folder and place the zipped file you downloaded into the “mods” folder. If there is no mods folder, run minecraft with forge installed. It will generate the mods folder.
    • Note that if you are using a different directory, use the mods folder in your custom directory.
  4. Run Minecraft.
  5. Have fun with portals.



  • Updated so it works with 1.7.10 (and should still work with 1.7.2).
  • Fixed bug when registering modded blocks as portal blocks.
  • Fixed stack-trace printout when portals list is empty
  • Added buckets of colourful water, full and empty, as dungeon chest loot (can be disabled in config).


  • Fixed a few glitches in MCPC+, including “false” teleports and getting sent to the wrong location between dimensions.
  • To fix the above: added a short delay before teleporting.
  • Also made the portals cancel flying.
  • Fixed entities besides players travelling between dimensions. They now will. So be careful.
  • Fixed teleporting out of the End; now the world will load correctly.
  • Fixed standalone portals sometimes rendering too big in the inventory.


  • Fixed an issue with the colourful_portal_locations.dat file not loading correctly, which was introduced in version 1.3.0.


  • Added single block standalone portals that can be picked up and carried around.
  • Made the framed portals any shape and size up to 16 blocks away from the point of creation.
  • Added horizontal portals
  • Added two items: “Very Colourful Ender Pearl” and “Highly Reflective Colourful Ender Pearl”
  • Changed the way to get a random destination from putting blocks in the corners to tossing one of the colourful ender pearls above into the portal.
  • Added a way to limit the number of portals created in the config file.
  • Made sneaking (holding shift by default) quick teleport you to the next portal in the portal chain.


  • Fixed a problem where the colourful_portal_locations.dat file was saving in the wrong place for servers.

v1.2.1 (2013/10/7)

  • Added Server Compatibility


-Fixed an occasional crash when creating a random destination.

-Added a sound when travelling through a portal.

-Added nausea when standing inside of a portal.

-Changed the blocks you put in the corners for a random destination.

  • For random destination in the same dimension: was white wool, changed to snow
  • For random destination in random dimension: was black wool, changed to coal blocks

-Made the block ids for the corner blocks for random destinations configurable in the config file

  • Defaults to snow (80) and coal blocks (173)
  • Note that it will only check the block ids, not the metadata, so they can have any metadata.

-Made the portals re-create themselves if you change their ids in the config file (so they won’t disappear)

Download Colourful Portals Mod

For 1.7.10/1.7.2

For 1.6.4

Old version

Tmtravlr’s link :




For 1.6.2



Colourful Portals Mod 1.6.2

Credits: Tmtravlr


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