Colorful Mobs Mod 1.7.10

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Colorful Mobs aims to diversify your Minecraft world through the addition of a new and simplistic color mechanic. This new color mechanic allows all entities to be given altered color properties, which will change how they appear in game. Colorful Mobs uses the RGBA system for coloring mobs, which means players have access to 16777216 different colors, along with a varying degree of transparency.


  • Mobs can spawn in the world naturally with any random color!
  • Dye Powder which can be used to dye any mob!
  • Dyed mobs will drop a Dye Powder with the same color that mob had.
  • Random Dye which can be used to apply a random color to a mob. [creative only]
  • Ghost Dust which can be used to apply varying degrees of transparency. [creative only]
  • Color Wand, a tool for setting precise color settings. [creative only]
  • The ability for only certain mobs to spawn with color effects. [Disabled by default]
  • The ability to dye other players! [disabled default]
  • Fully working on both Client, Server and Lan!
  • Fully functioning config file, and in game config GUI.


Dye Powder

Dye Powder can appear in any of the 16 777 216 RGB colors. When used on a mob, the color effect will be applied to that mob. By default, when a dyed mob is killed, it will drop a Dye Powder which represents the color of that mob, that color can then be applied to another entity. This item can also be crafted by using paper, string and bone meal, however only the pure white version can be made. Pure white dye can be used to restore a mob to its natural colors, and for copying non-white dye. To copy a colored dye, simply put it in a crafting table, along with another any number of pure white dye powder, this recipe is shapeless.

Pure White Dye Powder Recipe

Copy Dye Recipe

Rainbow Dust & Ghost Dust

The Rainbow Dust and Ghost Dust are special variants on the the normal Dye Powder. When Rainbow Dust is used on an entity, it will randomly generate a color, and apply that color to the entity. Alternatively, the Ghost Dust item will apply a transparency to the entity. Ghost Dust comes in six tiers, starting at 0% transparency and going up to 100% transparency, each tier increasing the value by 20%. At this time, neither of the two items can be crafted, and can only be obtained in creative mode. If you have any ideas as to how players should be able to obtain these items, let us know in the comments:)

Data Checker

The Data Checker is a utility item which can be used to check information on a specific entity. Simply right click on the entity you would like to check, and a message will be sent to your chat containing the Red, Green and Blue value, along with the Transparency and the entity name. While the entity name may seem a little out of place, it is used by the configuration file and will likely be a very useful tool to help those configuring the mod.

Data Checker Recipe

Color Wand

The Color Wand is a special item which allows the user to finely adjust the color of a mob. When right an entity is clicked on with this item, a GUI will be displayed. In this GUI you will be able to use sliders to adjust the red, green and blue balance of the mob, and there is also a slider for the alpha/transparency. In the gui you will also get a preview of the mob and how it will look once you hit the confirm button. This items is currently only available in the creative menu however there are plans to make this item obtainable in the next update.


Q: I am missing the mod Bookshelf?
A: Yes, this mod requires Bookshelf. Bookshelf is our library mod which houses a bunch of commonly used code. By using this mod, we are able to limit the amount of file space and system memory our projects take up. Bookshelf is a completely free and public domain mod. We will never put Bookshelf behind any ad wall or use it directly to generate profit.

Q: When I use the Color Wand, some entities are very large and render out side of the preview, what is going on here?
A: Unfortunately, some entities are really big, and when we render them inside of our gui, they take up too much space. We are currently looking into how we can fix this issue, and hope to have a solution for this issue in version 1.1.0 sorry for the inconvenience.

Q: When I look in the Creative Menu, I find these “Random Dye Powder” items, and they change color every time?
A: To help expose users to a wide range of colors, we have added some special code which changes how the item works in the creative tab. There are several colors which will always show up, these are the ones with the normal names. The rest of them have are the same item, however they have all been given a randomly generated color. The color for these random powders changes every time you open the creative tab.

Configuration File:

With this mod, you can alter the configuration from inside the game, using the forge configuration gui. The current configuration options are as follows.
Spawned Colored Mobs, if true, mobs will have a chance to spawn with a pre-existing color on them.
Dyed Spawn Chance, this is the percent chance that a mob will spawn with a pre-existing color effect.
Drop Dye Powder, if true, mobs will drop a powder item when they die, equal to their color object.
Dyeable Players, if true, it will be possible for players to be dyed.
Limit To Valid Mobs, if true, only mobs on the valid mob list can spawn with pre-existing colors.
Craft Blank Dye, if true, players will be able to craft the default dye powder. Requires a restart to change.
Craft Data Checker, if true, players will be able to craft the data checker. Requires a restart to change.
Clone Dyes, if true, players will be able to use the copy dye color recipe. Requires a restart to change.
Valid Mob List, this is a list of entity names. If Limit To Valid Mobs is true, only mobs on this list can spawn with pre-existing colors. Use the Data Checker to get these entity names.


Mod Packs:
You may redistribute any of these mods in a mod pack, as long as you follow the three rules below. If your pack can comply with these rules, there is no need to directly message us, consider this part of the post your permission.

  • The pack is not distributed behind an ad site such as adfly or adfoc and is not being sold or used to generate profit. Packs may sell their own brand name merchandise such as clothes without breaking this rule.(example FTB store)
  • The pack site/page must gives appropriate credit to us, and links back to this page. (Don’t use Epoxide, that is a group name. The authors are Darkhax and lclc98)
  • You must have appropriate permissions for every other mod within your pack.

How to Colorful Mobs Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Download the mod.
  3. Go to %appdata%.
  4. Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  5. If the “modsfolder does not exist you can create one.
  6. Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  7. Enjoy the mod.

Download Colorful Mobs Mod

For 1.7.10

Author: Epoxide

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