Cart Livery Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2

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Cart Livery Mod

Are you fed up with standard-issue gray minecarts? Have you ever wished you could color your carts so they match your shiny new steam locomotive? Or just stand out from the crowd?
Well, now you can! Cart Livery is a mod that allows you to paint your carts in all 16 glorious sheep colors, and apply colored stickers to them.


  • Craft an undamaged shears with a piece of paper to get the Livery Cutting Tool
  • Sneak + right-click with a piece of dye on a cart to paint it. Stickers will be painted over
  • Sneak + right-click with a Livery Sticker on a cart to apply it. This only works if the cart has no sticker on it already
  • Sneak + right-click with the Livery Cutting Tool on a cart to remove the sticker from it. The sticker is destroyed in the process
  • Right-click with the Livery Cutting Tool to bring up its GUI

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  • There is a preview in the top left, where you can test how your livery will appear
  • You can left- or right-click on the preview with a piece of dye to change the color of the cart or the sticker, respectively
  • Change which sticker to craft with the arrow buttons. The colors in the preview are for show only, you will always get white stickers
  • Put some paper in the left slot, and you can pull out the Livery Sticker from the right
  • The Tool has 100 uses
  • Craft your sticker with a piece of dye (shapeless) to change its color


Cart Livery is designed with extensibility in mind. The mod itself contains only a few livery stickers, but new ones can be easily added with resource packs. Other mods may also define their own built-in set of stickers if they wish.

The stickers you are able to craft are determined solely by your client – i.e. the sum of all resource packs you have active at the moment. In SMP, other players who don’t have the particular pack a sticker comes from will not be able to see it; everything else however will still work (they can color and apply the stickers normally).

Creating a Resource Pack

My own textures may be bad, but it’s my hope that some more artistically minded people will take off with this idea. Creating a pack is quite easy, take a look at the provided pack – which is a subset of those available built-in – to get an idea how it’s done.
Basically you need 3 things:

  • pack.mcmeta file (as always), with some extra metadata to list the stickers it adds
  • One or more language files in /assets/cartlivery/lang to define the names of the stickers (yes, you can localize them)
  • The textures themselves in /assets/cartlivery/textures/livery (PNG format)

The mod simply draws a textured box around the minecart, with a texture that’s mostly transparent. The easiest way to make a texture is to start off from the test.png texture in my pack. There are no technical reasons to use only white, however colored textures may look weird when dyed.

Compatibility & Support

The mod works fine both with and without Railcraft installed (tested version is Other minecart mods are not tested.
Waila support is included out-of-the-box, it can show you the name of the sticker on a cart, the resource pack it is from (if you have it), and the colors. These may be switched on and off separately.
Sticker coloring recipes do not show up in NEI at the moment.


You may use Cart Livery and my resource pack in any public or private modpacks without any limitation. A link to this topic or my GitHub page would be nice though.

Download Cart Livery Mod 1.7.2

For 1.7.10

For 1.7.2

Basic Liveries pack (for pack creators – not needed for playing anymore)

Author: octarine-noise

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