BuyLand Bukkit Plugin for minecraft 1.6.2/1.6.1


BuyLand Bukkit Plugin 1.6.2

BuyLand allows users to buy, sell, and price WorldGuard Regions. It uses the WorldGuard Flags BUYABLE and PRICE. A player simply types /buyland [Region Name] and it will deduct the money from their account. This plugin uses WorldGuard, WorldEdit, and Vault. You can also configure how many regions a single person is allowed to own, as well as the default price someone will pay if no price is specifically set. You can also set the sell back price as a percentage. The Land once bought will take a snapshot of the land and save it. As soon as the Land is sold it will restore the land back to the snapshot.


  • Use commands or signs to buy/sell/rent a region
  • Price can be calculated by number of blocks in the region.
  • Configurable amount of land one person is allowed to own.
  • Default price in the event a price is not set.
  • Configurable percentage that an amount is sellable back for.
  • Configurable language file.
  • Land can be reset to when it was first bought.
  • WorldGuard Flag of Entry added to config file to stop non owners from entering.
  • Land can be selected using WorldEdit and saved as a BuyLand region.
  • Land can be selected using WorldEdit and saved as a RentLand region.
  • Add/Remove members from a region.
  • Signs auto change to show if the land has been bought or sold.
  • Remove LWC Protections
  • Players can list all regions they own
  • Players can teleport to any region.
  • Admin can view all regions a player owns.
  • Auto Remove Feature for inactive players.


Type Command Permission Description
Admin /ReloadBuyland buyland.reload Reload all BuyLand Config Files
Admin /abl Save [RegionName] buyland.admin Select your cuboid using WorldEdit then run this command to create a new sellable region.
Admin /abl ForSale [RegionName] buyland.admin This will set the land back to default.
Just as if the player sold the land back.
Admin /abl Reset [RegionName] buyland.admin This will simply reset the Land back to when a player bought the land.
This will not sell back the land only reset it to default.
Admin /abl Price [RegionName] [Cost] [SecMinHrDay] buyland.admin Used to change sale price of a For Sale region from the default in config. Can also be used to change the Rent price for a Rent region.
Admin /abl List [Player] buyland.admin.list Lists all regions a player owns.
Admin /abl LwcRemove [RegionName] buyland.admin Removes LWC Protections for the region.
Admin /abl Flags buyland.admin List all worldguard flags that can be set in the config.yml file.
Admin /rentland Save [RegionName] buyland.admin Select your cuboid using WorldEdit then run this command to create a new rentable region.
Admin /rentland Reset [RegionName] buyland.admin This will simply reset the rent land region back as if the rent had expired.
Buy /buyland [RegionName] buyland.buy Buys a region.
Buy /sellland [RegionName] buyland.sell Sells a region.
Buy /buyland AddMember [RegionName] [PlayerName] buyland.buy.addmember Lets a landowner add members to their region.
Buy /buyland RemoveMember [RegionName] [PlayerName] buyland.buy.removemember Lets a landowner remove a member from their region.
Buy /buyland tp [RegionName] buyland.tp Teleport the player to the sign of a region.
Buy /buyland list buyland.list Lists all the regions the player owns
Buy /buyland top [Owners/Renters/CashSpent] (Player Qty) buyland.top Shows “Top Players” with: owned lands, cash spent, rented lands
/priceland [RegionName] buyland.price Displays the price of a region.
Works on both Sellable and rentable regions.
Rent /rentland [RegionName] [TimeQuantity] [SecMinHrDay] buyland.rent Rents a region.
Rent /rentland Cost {RegionName] buyland.rent Gets the price of a rented region.
Rent /rentland AddMember [RegionName] [PlayerName] buyland.rent.addmember Lets a landowner add members to their rented region.
Rent /rentland RemoveMember [RegionName] [PlayerName] buyland.rent.removemember Lets a landowner remove a member from their rented region.

Additional Permissions

  • buyland.all – ALL Commands.
  • buyland.signuse – Allows the user of buyland signs.
  • buyland.signbreak – Allows a user to break buyland signs.
  • buyland.signcreate – Allows a user to create buyland signs.
  • buyland.maxland.(Any Number Between 1-50)

Sign Usage

Sign Setup

  • [BuyLand]
  • For Sale / For Rent
  • RegionName – Must be exactly what the regions name is.
  • 1 Second / 1 Minute / 1 Hour / 1 Day (This line is left blank when making a For Sale Sign.)

A BuyLand sign can be placed anywhere outside the region it represents.

For Sale For Rent




Download BuyLand Bukkit Plugin

For 1.6.2


For 1.6.1



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  • The_Nut


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