BTWTweak Mod 1.5.2

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This is a mod for Better Than Wolves mod.
It is developed independently of Better Than Wolves and has no affiliation with its author.
Being a set of patches instead of modified class files, this mod avoids redistributing Better Than Wolves code as well as Minecraft code.

Currently it adds various tweaks to improve and further polish up the gameplay.

What’s changed?

Particular things to note

  • Before installing the tweak, make sure your cauldrons and crucibles don’t contain any items, since the tweak reduces their inventory to 9 slots, your current items in there may irreversibly disappear.
  • Backup your worlds!
  • If playing on a server, both server and client must have this mod installed.


Requires Better Than Wolves mod.


  1. Create a new folder
  2. Put BTWTweak.jar in it
  3. Put minecraft.jar (or minecraft_server.jar) with BTW already installed in it
  4. Run BTWTweak.jar: double-click or use the command line: “java -jar BTWTweak.jar”
  5. Select the file to patch in BTWTweak (for minecraft.jar: type “c” – press Enter)
  6. If patch is successful, delete the original minecraft.jar and rename minecraft_tweak.jar to minecraft.jar
  7. Use the patched minecraft.jar to play, enjoy!

Windows users: if double-clicking doesn’t work for you:

  • uncheck WinRAR file association for .jar extension, and/or reinstall Java

Download BTWTweak Mod 1.5.2

For 1.5.2

Author: Grom PE

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