BoundingBoxOutlineReloaded Mod 1.8

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BoundingBoxOutlineReloaded Mod

What it does

This mod highlights in a variety of colours and styles the different structures & features of the game:-

  • Nether Fortresses; red boxes bound each individual area where Blaze, Wither Skeletons & normal Skeletons will spawn. Time for a beacon methinks!
  • Witch Huts; blue boxes reveal everywhere only witches spawn. Witch farm anyone?
  • Desert Temples; orange boxes envelop the pyramid and towers. Go grab some loot but beware TNT boobie traps!
  • Jungle Temples; green boxes surround the temple. Indianna Jones would’ve love these!
  • Ocean Monuments; cyan boxes indicate where guardians spawn. New sea lantern and prismarine block types FTW.
  • Strongholds; yellow boxes show each room in the stronghold. Does anyone make anything with silverfish spawners?
  • Mine Shafts; light gray boxes illustrate each of the mine shafts. Cobwebs… grrr!
  • Villages; multicoloured spheres encircle the village, with boxes marking if and where iron golems will spawn. You should see the iron titan… CRAZY!
  • Slime chunks; bright green boxes highlight where slimes will spawn, with a dynamic box that rises to where the players feet are to help find them from the surface. Bouncy… bouncy…

How it works

As chunks are loaded the game provides metadata about all the different structures & features in those chunks. The mod interprets this meta data, caches the results, and renders the bounding boxes to the screen. In an SMP environment this data is not present on the clients so the mod needs to run on the server where the processing happens and then the relevant metadata is sent to the clients for them to render.
To toggle the rendering of the bounding boxes press B.


Make sure you have Forge 1.8 installed then drop the jar file into the mods/1.8 folder. Remember this will need to be installed on client and server in an SMP scenario.

Download BoundingBoxOutlineReloaded Mod

For 1.8

Author: irtimaled 

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