Blood Particles Mod 1.6.4

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Blood Particles Mod


The mod is now discontinued!
However, I have re-written it and you can get the new version here
Hope you enjoy the new version, and let the memories of this one live on!


  • Mobs bleed when they are attacked
  • 2x Multiplier. The more damage inflicted, the more mobs bleed.
  • Zombies have brown blood and Blazes have gold blood
  • Change the particle textures in config file
  • Disable the mod without uninstalling it


Multiplayer servers do not require the mod installed for the particles to appear. Clients with the mod installed show the particles on vanilla minecraft servers, bukkit servers and minecraft-forge servers with or without the mod. With LAN worlds, if the host has the mod, you need the mod to connect to that LAN world. If the host does not have the mod but the client does, the particles will still appear in the client’s game.

The config file is found at this directory:

basefolder/romejanic/Blood Particles.txt

This config file allows you to change:

  • The Default Block/Item ID and Metadata
  • The Zombie Block/Item ID and Metadata
  • The Blaze Block/Item ID and Metadata
  • Disable Special Zombie/Blaze Blood
  • Disable the mod without uninstalling it

Please note that each ID has it’s own boolean (true/false). If you want to use a block ID, set the appropriate boolean to true. If you are using an item ID, set it to false.


  1. Download and install MinecraftForge (latest version here)
  2. Download the mod and keep it aside.
  3. Run the game once, then close it
  4. Go to the mods folder of your minecraft directory
  5. Drop the mod file into the folder
  6. Run the game and enjoy!

Download Blood Particles Mod

For 1.6.4

Author: romejanicdev

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