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Blood Mod 1.7.10


Blood Mod 1.7.10

Blood – is a mod that adds a new Blood system into Minecraft.

How it works: It works a lot like real life, if you lose blood, certain affects will happen. If you lose 15% of blood in this mod, you will start to become dizzy. If you lose 40% your vision will become blurry. 50% you will start to lose color. If you lose 65% you will die. Your bar will never reach 0.



  1. Download Forge Installer (1.7.10) 
  2. Run installer
  3. Download my mod below and put the .jar file into the /mods/ folder in your .minecraft directory.

Download Blood Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10


Author: sheenrox82

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