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What is this mod?
Well, this mod was inspired by the Blokkit mod (link). It adds one new mob to the game; the blockling. This cute little guy will spawn randomly around your world on grass in most biomes (you can change the spawn rate in the config file). You will want to be able to tame this guy of course, so you will need to collect some flowers. Once collected, just right click on them and wait for the hearts to flow. From here you can check their current stats by shift right-clicking with an empty hand. I know they may seem weak at first, but trust me, they can get pretty strong compared to most mobs in game.
Okay, their stats may seem underwhelming but that is where the xp/levelling system comes into play. First of all, to level up your blockling you must get him to attack things, so punch a cow or two to get him to fight. They gain xp each attack so they won’t lose xp to you if get the final blow. Once they reach the required amount xp to level up, you will be notified with a message telling you so. Now their max health and attack damage will increase by 2 and 1 respectively and they will grow in size.
But what now? Well you should make a chest and shift right-click on your blockling with it. Yes, they have their own mini inventory which two action slots at the bottom. The first action slot is for base upgrades that range from wooden to obsidian. To make one you take their respective material, so for wooden you use logs, and make a cross shape. Now if you pop the upgrade in that slot your level 2 blockling shall get a new coat and will also gain some more stats and the upgrade will be used up. This process can be repeated every time your blockling levels up. Meaning at level 2 they can have a maximum of a wooden upgrade and at level 7 they can have a maximum of a gold upgrade. The order of upgrades is as follows: wooden, cobblestone, stone, iron, lapis, gold, diamond, emerald and finally obsidian. One last thing on these upgrades, you need to do them in order, so you can’t just wait until level 10 and then use an obsidian upgrade.
So what about the other action slot? Well this is for special upgrades, but there are only 2 kinds at the moment. They are health and damage upgrades. You craft them with their respective potions and ingot/material. For example, for the tier 1 health upgrade it is 4 tier 1 health potions and four iron ingots, then for tier health it is 4 tier 2 health potions and four gold ingots. For the damage upgrades it requires potions of strength and the material. The last tiers use different potions, namely 4 potions of regeneration and 2 potions of fire resistance along with 2 potions of strength, tier 2. You craft them in the same shape but for the tier 3 damage upgrade make sure the fire resistance potions are on the sides. The first 2 tiers just increase base stats, but the last tier adds regeneration and fire aspect like abilities to your blockling. Again they must be applied in order and you must have a special upgrade remaining. You gain an extra special upgrade at levels 5 and 10, so spend wisely, you can’t go back.
Anyway, that is about it. I will let you experiment and figure things out now. Good luck and have fun 🙂
Download and Installation:
To install this mod you must have forge installed too. Just download the the version of forge for which ever Minecraft version you require. I would recommend using the installer as it is faster and easier. The once that is done, run Minecraft and choose the forge profile that has been created and run the game once. Then close it head back to profiles and choose edit profile and then open game directory. You should see a mods folder. Just download and place the .jar file into there. Then you are good to go.

  • Added chat colours
  • Hopefully made it server compatible, but we shall see…
  • Added a 1.7.10 version

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For 1.7.10

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Author: WillR273989372

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